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Betsy’s open door




          Hot, steamy mid-August!  

           In the Indiana condo complex where I live this summer, my dwelling is on a court off a main circle. Each “spoke” off the circle has an entrance marker where residents of that area plant extra flowers. When I arrived this spring, our court had no flowers. It was a “plain Jane.”

           After chatting with others on my court who sported their own “house flowers,” one gal donated a tray of impatiens. She had fertilized them and continued to do so after we moved the plants to our entrance.


The Impatiens

          The 3-4 inch spring impatiens quadrupled in size. Their colorful pink and rose blossoms covered the plants.  Whenever I gazed on them, I smiled.

          During our recent 90-degree weather, keeping the flowers watered was an effort.  I carried them a half -gallon four times a day.  They may be beautiful but they demand water.  Why can’t their adult stems get “woody” as they grow?  Azaleas are lovely, too, but older plants get woody stems are much more hardy.   

          I caught my thought. I shouldn’t cast slurs on the lovely- yet- delicate plants that demand such attention. Part of me is the same way.

          Though I am an adult and “woody” in many ways, my child-like self remains tender and easily hurt. She needs to be cared for, too: protected from violence and too much commercialism as well as supervised to get proper sleep and eat healthy food.  

          My “inner child” is beautiful in ways my adult self lacks.

          Like caring for the impatiens, looking after my precious child-self is worth my time and effort.       



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