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Sounding like an old dog snoring, dark liquid drips through my Mr. Coffee. A train whistles in the distance as I spoon my raisin bran with skim milk –these days without sugar.

My breakfast partner is “The People’s Exchange.” A weekly-published booklet of over a hundred pages, it advertises farm animals, construction offerings, health products, auctions and sales, and household items.

Every issue of the “Exchange” also holds a reader-provided recipe. I turn every page until I find where it has been tucked in.  This issue offers “Stuffed French Toast,” a dish one prepares the night before and sets in the refrigerator before baking.

I don’t cut it out.  Recipes I want are salads and casseroles—items I can easily put together and carry to the potlucks so prevalent in my social life.

Scanning the pages, I also look for “benefits.”  Usually a group is putting on a meal, raising money for a church mission, school activity or a needy family.

When my husband visited in August, we enjoyed an Amish all-you-can-eat fish fry benefit. The religious group offered the meal inside the Antique Sale Barn in Shiphewana, Indiana.

Amish horse-and-buggies outside the Antique Sale Barn

Amish horse-and-buggies outside the Antique Sale Barn

Inside, a large white cardboard box for “donations” stood at the head of the food line of both “English” and other Amish.  Bearded Amish men and women wearing sheer white prayer bonnets served not only fish and more fish, but also scooped coleslaw and placed a roll on each of our plates. JK and I each chose a dinner roll and later a slice of pie from several tables filled with cuts of all kids. Women wearing aproned green, purple or blue dresses poured water, lemonade and coffee.

The-not -for-profit atmosphere soothed my soul, weary of glitzy ads and the world’s overwhelming competition for the “almighty dollar.”


“The People’s Exchange” continues to be a simple staple in my Indiana life.


I am blessed.

Frances Fritzie

Frances Fritzie

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