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Blueberry-pecan pancakes

Blueberry-pecan pancakes

My husband, JK, is well-known among family and friends for his “healthy” blueberry-pecan pancakes.  Whenever we plan a breakfast or brunch with others, “JK’s Pancakes” with maple syrup are number one on the menu.

I took a cold one to my little 93-year-old aunt. Grinning she later announced, “I nibbled on it … ate it like a cookie!”

Last week I wanted to give new friends, who had treated us, a thank you gift. I immediately thought of Jim’s pancakes.  Often, we freeze extras and microwave them to eat later. While not quite like the hot-from- the- pan taste, they remain delicious. Jim isn’t always with me. I need to learn how to make the pancakes myself!

Soon, I discovered JK cooks like my mother did: by feel, look and taste.  Mother mixed up meatloaf with her hands, looked at it critically and often offered me a raw tidbit asking, “What does this need?”

Leaning away from the spoon, I always shook my head.  Not raw meat! Ugh!

The consequences of her sight-taste-feel cooking left me not knowing how to cook.   Looking back, I am sorry for my first husband. He liked to cook and was good at it, but meal-making was “the wife’s job.”

Over years of raising a family, I taught myself to follow recipe cards and cookbooks, but learning was a long tedious process.  I gave up on piecrust long ago.

           Over the twelve years of marriage, JK always ate what I cooked and thanked me for the meal. Sometimes, he said “Thank you for a delicious meal.” Others he nodded his approval and said, “You put a lot of effort of preparing this meal.” Still other times he added to our meal’s prayer, “Bless the hands that made this meal.”

Meal-by meal, I gained confidence. At last I was ready to step beyond soups, casseroles and stir-fry and try to learn his blueberry pancake-making.

JK stood with me as I translated his “one big spoon” into “three tablespoons,”   continuing on with translating other ingredients for myself. Then he counseled me on mixing and developing the batter texture. Last he oversaw frying and turning, translating timing into approximate minutes per side.

Finally, we ate one pancake apiece.  After chewing several bites, JK asked “Do you notice any difference?”

I stopped and studied the bite on my fork, then pushed my tongue around the pancake I was chewing.  “No.  What’s different?”

He nodded and replied. “If you don’t see or taste anything different, then it’s all good.”


And it was:  all good!

            I am blessed.

Frances Fritzie

Frances Fritzie


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