Ninepatch is the monthly publication of a non-profit organization by the same name. In the pages of this Ninepatch magazine, women – and the men who support them – share their spiritual journeys and life experiences through letters, essays, poetry, book reviews and more. Ninepatch offers a forum where contributors can be heard and enjoy an atmosphere of sharing and acceptance. Such sharing is vital in helping everyone find their place in an eternal spiritual circle where all know and are known.


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“  …The days dwindle down to a precious few: September, November, And these few precious days, I’ll spend with you ….”

        The song of years past leaped to mind one November morning in Northern Indiana as I gazed on the frosted backyard grass. 

 frost on florida grass


         The frost looks like snow… almost.   That day the sun shone that day and temperatures warmed into the 60s yet it was a harbinger of things to come.


        After I retired from the public schools, I worked for a private Michigan college supervising student teachers. I drove to several nearby towns in November. During those drives, I smiled when passing stands of partly-leafed trees. Their branches wore necklaces of yellow leaves. Their trunks donned a dry tuxedo gray or moistured black.   The previous few days before winter.


        Wisdom in later years has precious days, too, and a beauty like November trees.  In their “fall years,” many folk come to terms with their lives and their lot. They wear necklaces of peace which they share with all whose lives they touch.

        May such serenity be yours!

        And, may I also wear a necklace of peace in my days to come.

       frances fritzie




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