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Hello  out there on the Internet!
    Here in Northern Florida we are having spring-like weather. Days are unusually warm for this time of year.
Our maple tree is budding and early azaleas are flowering.
When I watch the news, I see other areas of the country are having unusual weather, too — though more difficult in terms of living than our early spring.
Unforeseen Changes occur not only in terms of weather, but also in the form of thoughts, ideas and memories. I had such an experience last month…




Darkness gathered outside the sanctuary’s long windows. Around me, others at the Saturday Vigil mass knelt in prayer or sat quietly before the service began.

After prayers, I rose from my knees. As I sat back, I noticed I was looking ahead and to the left. I paid little attention, until later in the service when I found myself staring at the same area. What’s going on?

During the next song, I studied the rows where I had gazed. Nothing unusual was happening. Worshipers were singing. But something is drawing my eyes there. What?   The next time I glanced over, I noticed the plaid shirt worn by a man sitting on the aisle. It was a gray and aqua plaid.  Unusual colors.

           But, it was more than a just a pleasing color combination.  A memory called to me from that plaid. Eventually, it came. My older son wore a shirt like that when he was a teen.   Brian!

           Tears filled my eyes and wet my cheeks as I remembered my son in days long past.  My first-born…. 

I miss my older boy. He’s in the fullness of life: working, coaching hockey, raising two sons, and managing a family life.  He still lives in Michigan and I don’t see much of him.

But that Saturday, a worshiper’s plaid shirt brought a precious memory and Brian was with me for an hour –if only in memory.   

Brian in plaid 1987

Brian in plaid 1987


          I am blessed.

Frances Fritzie

Frances Fritzie





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