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Last week my hubby, JK, and I went to the local Veteran’s facility for his biannual checkup. When I accompany him, Hubby rewards me with a meal at Shands, a connected University of Florida teaching hospital. Their food court includes “home-cooked’ offerings as well as pizza, hamburgers and tofu.
After a long walk through a series of hallways and a tunnel under the street separating the Vets from the teaching hospital, we stood in line to order a shrimp dish. After JK paid, we took a table for two near a bank of windows. A microwave where folks who carried lunches zapped food stood few feet away. A clock on the wall read 11:40 and most tables were occupied.
Chairs of a table for two next to us were empty. On the table lay a crumpled napkin and –judging from the plate’s the syrup and pancake crumbs –breakfast remains.
As JK and I chewed our shrimp and rice, I watched the seating area fill. Many plate-carrying people eyed the uncleared table, but moved on. At the peak of lunchtime, a worker walked past it to open a second payment line. Idly watching the clerk in a white lab coat begin checking patrons, I noticed a man drop a moist morsel on the floor as he pulled out his wallet to pay. After he moved on, the cashier walked around, took a napkin and wiped up the spill. He paid no attention to the breakfast remains two feet away.
The table’s condition held my interest as others continued to look at it and walk by. I said to JK, “I’m going to clear that table.”
I stood and carried the used plate and napkin to a depository 5 steps away. When I returned to our table, a man wearing a pink shirt stood by the microwave
heating his lunch. He smiled and gave me a “thumb’s up.” After he lifted his cooler off the table, he carefully pushed in one chair that was slightly ajar.
Pink shirt joined a group elsewhere and I watched the empty table. Before long, two people carrying trays, set down their food and pulled out the chairs.
My effort had touched the man in the pink shirt who added his own energy by pushing in the chair. Once the table was clear, it was quickly chosen for a couple’s lunch.
May we all make small efforts that turn the “helping” wheel.









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