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American robin

American robin


Robins! A few should have made it to you Northern and Western folks.  According to my Birds of America, American robins live all over the United States and parts of Canada. They migrate seasonally north and south.

Nearly a month ago a flock of about a hundred red-breasted birds (all male according to my husband) dropped into our front yard for a snack. They did not go to any of the neighbors, just us.

Why? Our front yard is totally mulched!  Under layers of oak leaves and cypress chips are lots and lots of juicy bugs!

The birds hopped around about forty minutes, then took to the air again. Robins are large birds and do not fly very fast. Still, by now most of you will have seen at least one!

I remember one March morning when I was a kid in Goshen, Indiana’s Third Grade.  I had finished my schoolwork. While others still met in reading groups or pushed pencils across workbook pages, I stood at the windows gazing out on the lawn, still mostly brown.  When I spotted my first robin of the year I cried, “There’s a robin!”

(Having taught Third Grade myself, I doubt Mrs. Payne appreciated my outcry and the commotion when several other students joined me at the window ledge!)

The bird was a sign of hope! Spring was near. Cold and snow would soon end!

May this little robin story and memory help YOU hold on to hope!


Frances Fritzie

Frances Fritzie



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