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Pilgrims stand in front of the Mercy Door.Pilgrims stand in front of the Mercy Door.




Tomorrow’s my 1962 high school reunion!

class of 62 sign

Our class of about 200 meets every five years. Over more than half a century since we graduated, I have missed only one such event. Like a bear sniffs out a honeycomb, I am drawn to my classmates.

Like honey, some classmates are sweet. However, that is not the whole allure.  About a third of them went though all the grades with me.   I feel “comfortable” with those Chandler Elementary folks.  Like watching a sad movie, when there I witnessed the death of one’s boy’s father when we were both in third grade. Another’s little brother died after pulling a hot percolator full of coffee from the counter and scalding himself. Such pain!

Even those I didn’t share elementary or junior high with brought me smiles. I watched several play basketball and football. I sat at their performances: plays, choirs and orchestra. I enjoyed music of their marching and pep bands.

Trying to understand their lives, I studied several whose religious beliefs were different from mine and also attended my first Catholic service with a girlfriend.

I kissed a few ’62 guys and double-dated with girlfriends. Staying overnight occasionally with  one girl and another, I learned about generous and strict families.

My classmates helped make me who I am. Like not-often-seen distant cousins, I love them all.

Frances Fritzie

Frances Fritzie


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