Ninepatch is the monthly publication of a non-profit organization by the same name. In the pages of this Ninepatch magazine, women – and the men who support them – share their spiritual journeys and life experiences through letters, essays, poetry, book reviews and more. Ninepatch offers a forum where contributors can be heard and enjoy an atmosphere of sharing and acceptance. Such sharing is vital in helping everyone find their place in an eternal spiritual circle where all know and are known.

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Happy SUMMER days ahead!

    When I grew up in Indiana, Memorial Day also signaled the end of school. Summer vacation automatically began. Labor Day was the signal for school to begin again.  This is not longer generally true.  In Florida, school will be out in days.  In Michigan, where my grandkids live, school drags  more than a week into June.  

Since I no long teach or raise children, none of this matters much to me. On the other hand a general uniformity in school terms would be handy.

For me, June signals my move back to Indiana for part of the year. I have begun stacking our guest bed with items to pack in the car. JK and I are driving North before the end of June.  

Wishing you a happy summer of whatever adventures you prefer: reading, camping, family gatherings or even hiking!




daughter, sister, mother

and grandmother

left this earth

March 29, 2018.

Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine on her.

May she rest in peace.



Week 1- Father Week 2 – I think…

Week 3 – A family tradition Week 4 – I like to eat…



At our annual Ninepatch Board of Directors Meeting, Georgene, Christa and I discussed stretching our outreach. To do this we decided to create a Facebook address. In the new “Ninepatch group,” Ninepatch-ers can respond right away to posted thoughts and topics. Our aim is to attract community conversation, to reach out to people who can benefit from deeper connections in their lives and to touch folks who are habitual Facebook users.

In taking this step I had technical help from a previous teaching colleague and present Ninepatch reader, Bill. (A big thank-you to him!)

Since ours in not an actual “Facebook page” you will find us listed as “Ninepatch group.”

Hope to see you there soon!

Editor Frances adds, “In May 2018, we’ll begin posting a weekly topic for comment and photo-sharing.”

May1 –”Mother”

May 7 –”I remember”

May 14 –”My favorite”

May 21 –”My birthday”

May 28 –”I hope”

We welcome your topic ideas and other suggestions. Like a “regular” Facebook page, chat, photos and quotes are welcome any time.



Ninepatch Birthdays for June:

June Poucher 17

Joy 18

Serena 18



Ninepatch is updating our web site and looking for additional writers. We want weekly bloggers, monthly comments and occasional small pieces. We are even thinking about short stories!


Contact Editor, Frances.


Ninepatch is a non-profit. Every person who works for us– including Frances—is a volunteer. No one is paid. However, we do have business expenses. Paper, ink, software, labels, and Internet connections, are a few.

While e- readers see color, our paper readers seldom do. It’s too expensive. Yet, due to mailing costs and postage, they bear the brunt of “donation-for-service.” (Financially speaking, E- readers ride their coat-tails.)

If you enjoy reading our magazine and have not already made a donation for 2016, kindly consider making one. $5 is not too small.

We have a Paypal account, or you can send a check to our mailing address:

1014 NW 52nd Ter.

Gainesville, Fl. 32605

Thanks to those of you who support our outreach though coin-of-the-realm, service and prayers. Special thanks to our Board of Directors: Christa and Georgene, our membership coordinator: Dottie, our proofreaders: June and James and the sticky note writers: Leigh, James and Georgene. We appreciate their service.

Of course, you who contribute letters, stories, poems and drawings are the lifeblood of the newsletter and we are especially thankful for you!

Those who give in any way know the greatest return. Hence the old saying, “You reap what you sow.”

Editor, Frances


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