Frances, Editor recalls a family story to illustrate, our question for November, “My parents told me I was a ___ baby.” Frances says, “ “My parents do not remember me as a baby. Daddy was overseas fighting in’The Islands’ during WWII when I was born. He did not meet me in the flesh until I […]


In     this          electronic              world… Being     connected          means              you’re                  disconnected.       Simon Stargazer (Sept.’17) adds, “Think about it. I do, and I have mixed […]


Days driven by discomfort, I have become a contortionist. Of course there will be poetry alive by other campfires, there will be chills of moonlight, there will be dances of color on paper paint in the veins ink in the head ink on the walls ink on the floor ink in the heart. Life is […]


There were times: Retrospect embarrassments Covetous resentments Lied upon entanglements Sheer nonsense contentments Innocent awe and belief firmaments. There were times: Happiness, passion, wild abandonments Pain, shame and desperate moments Complacency and boredom – just living with life’s entanglements. There were times: Wanting more, bigger and better, Taking undue credit, Having insatiable appetites, and hiding […]


As if I am on a throne, My green couch suffices, In my royal clothes, Pajamas, (if you must know, Warm or cotton lightly,) I look out my doorway, Sometimes open, sometimes Closed, But always with a quiet buzzing Outside; Even if there is nothing to hear, Young birds scatter on branches, Learning to fly, […]


When I went to church with my mother, I picked up several books being discontinued from their library. One was the book Congregational Discipling. The book includes chapters on how to deal with issues that children, younger adults (my generation), and the elderly face as members of a Mennonite Congregation. It urged compassion, discipline, and […]


I recently read Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver. I really love her books! She’s clever and witty in this one about climate change and the butterfly migration changing location. Pervious to that volume, I read From Sand and Ash by Amy Harmon. It was the best, most compelling book I’ve read in I don’t know […]

left unexpressed…

Left unexpressed, ideas and feelings die. James (Sept.’17) “Communicating one’s thoughts keeps them alive.”


In my salaried days there were certain aspects of the job that I would dread well in advance. I dreaded management review because it took 2 weeks to prep the data, and then the VP’s would try to pick at it. I dreaded Detroit because of the drive, GM, and the employee whining regarding GM. […]


My late husband, Ed, made model boats –maybe 4 or 5 of them –the year before he died. He stopped just two weeks before he passed. The boat is a model of one he and his cousin always went out on near Devil’s Lake Michigan when they were on vacation there as kids. In the […]