A Letter from Linda Sue – October 2010

Dear Frances, When you write to me, you often send a “proposal.”   Last time I got to thinking about “proposals.” I have had many proposals from you over the years. But, I have never had a “marriage proposal.  I dreamed of seeing a man down on one knee, telling me he loves me and wants […]

MY SECOND LOVE (Pt. 1 of 2) – October 2010

After my first love died  during a mountain rescue after an avalanche, I wondered if I could ever fall in love again. It did happen. Many years later, I met a very nice, kind man. He loved to help strangers. He was a detective — a passive one — very soft-spoken and not aggressive. He […]

A Letter from Gail – October 2010

Frances, The subject of first loves is intriguing. I also think that our first love marks our passage from childhood to adulthood, when our bodies have changed sufficiently for girls to realize, ‘Gosh, I’m able to have babies, and become a mother.’ A young man remembers clearly his emotional and physical reaction to a young […]

A Letter from Glenda – October 2010

Hello Frances, I really enjoyed your story about losing your first love, “Broken Hearted.” I think I could write one similar, but I am busy completing a second book. Besides writing, it’s been a busy summer. In May, I attended a wedding in Georgia. We drove up from Tampa, Fl. in a three-car caravan. It […]

A Letter from LynnTROR – October 2010

Dear Frances My goodness! I’m so sorry to hear about your accident, my friend, but glad that you weren’t hurt. I can certainly understand why you’d want to have doctors check you out, but truthfully I wonder if they’d find anything. I’ve completely ‘spaced out’ like that in the past with absolutely no recollection of […]

Happy Birthday, Ninepatch! We’re Celebrating 16 Years This Month!

On this, our sixteenth birthday, Ninepatch thanks our staff. Our Board of Directors are: Frances, Christa, June, and Georgene. Our Michigan Agent is Ilene, our outgoing Membership Coordinator is Carol, and our new one is Dottie. Our long-serving treasurer is June. Note-writers are Georgene, James, and Gail. LynnTROR creates and maintains our website. Our proof-readers […]

PRETTY LOVE WORDS – October 2010

If you ask me what love is, I could not say the words. I only know what love must not be. Love must not be anger because my opinion disagrees. Love must not be a fist to my belly quelling the fire of life within. Love must not be a locked bedroom door to keep […]

A YOUNG MD’S FIRST YEAR – October 2010

Bryson City Tales by Walt Larimore, M.D. is a delightful true story of a young doctor’s first year of family practice. The small town of Bryson City lies in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. The people there are in need of young doctors to reinforce the present medical personnel, most of whom are […]

I’M GOING WITH YOU – October 2010

R.T. was an unassuming but kindly man of few words, one of the ministers at my church. He wore plain wire-rimmed glasses and usually dressed in dark slacks, a short-sleeved shirt and small figured tie.  He attended a luncheon I helped host for a small group of church members and told a story  I shall […]

A Letter from Dottie – October 2010

Frances, It was sad reading “Unfinished Business” in the August ‘10 Ninepatch.  How very poignant that Caroline passed when she was so young.  She certainly had an attitude to be admired.  I’m sure she felt your love with your hugs and kind words. I feel for your thoughts about your Grandma Elizabeth.  Hard to be […]