around the frame oct 2019 – our experiences

Dear St. Frances! I can’t put my finger on it but the September 2019 Ninepatch seemed special, almost “glowing”. Really odd. It was a simple pleasure to read. Have a great day! Malaina Malaina (See also her story in FABRICS.) *** Dear Frances: Your service work in getting an adult club started for autistic folks […]


Memorial Day rain, daughter Cassie inside practices piano, birds chirp all over, cars pounding bass . . . juxtaposed images produce mind gap illumination lightning, a synapse fire. Cassie today walking in morning sun holding my hand says, “Daddy, you’re the best boy in the whole world!” Cassie almost three. Cassie passed out on momma […]


Editor’s note: Following is a page from my spiritual journal. Florida? I can see my breath! Bundled in my fluffy purple jacket, I opened the door of Bush Auto Shop. Stepping into an empty waiting room, I saw a large cat perched like a furry gray guard, on the counter near a computer screen. Reminding […]


Not done yet, we …may need pep talks, Our bodies …with a few cracks. We can still go dancing, With new costumes …and plumes in our hair, We have wisdom to share, …from our life experiences, Places to go, …dreams yet to fulfill, Sun to capture at seaside Edges, Real vitamin D, …not from a […]

around the frame Mar 2018 – our experiences

(Letters to the Editor) Dear Frances, I enjoyed your article “A Family Story Continues.” I feel your pain and the fact it brings back sad memories for you. Well written. Dottie Dottie (Feb. ‘18) adds, “I’m on a constant roller coaster with my son, Joe who’s had a stroke and is in a rehab center.  […]


  Day Four Afternoon Previously: Simon, his 88-year-old brother, Thayer, and two children, Chris and Robin, drive into the northern Sierra Nevada Mountains to hike. After Thayer has a bout of dehydration, they instead drive into Yosemite. 12:30 We hit the Yosemite National Park. Wow! 2:50 In the village, we make another potty break. 1:15 […]