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a 2nd comment on ‘I love books’

Hello All!

Here’s another echo to the above!

I opened a new book last night. Well, it’s not a “new” purchased book, but one of four I recently brought home from the library. It’s called, SECOND JOURNEY, The Road Back to Yourself.


an addition to ‘I love books’

Feb 1, 2009

WOW! I am writing my OWN comment… maybe it will be a sort of echo?

Yesterday I got an overdue e-notice from the public library where I had checked out Helen Luke’s autobiography and dream journals, SUCH STUFF AS […]

I love books

Yesterday I got an e-mail from Patty, a friend of mine who recently became a Danielle Steel fan. She said Steele’s books left her feeling happy and was enjoying turning pages on a new volume. My mother was also a Steele reader and years ago she had video taped Steele’s […]