talk about ego

A handful of years ago, I met someone so funny, smart, and attractive that I couldn’t help wanting to be friends. I also, quickly, learned that they were relatively responsible, had many useful skills and some interesting hobbies, and could be spontaneous, thoughtful, and generous.

It came as no surprise, then, that they […]


Egos! We’ve all got one. We’ve all dealt with them. Yet, seldom do we bother to question the ego and the affects it has on our lives.

Thanks to luck and circumstance, however, I’ve had plenty of reason to do just that, and thought I’d gotten a pretty good handle on it. Recently, however, I […]


Oh, goodness!

I’ve just gotten an email from our dear friend, Frances, asking me if I still blog, which is no small wonder considering how seldom I use this page.

So much for good intentions’!

The truth of the matter, though, is that I do still blog from time to time, although I tend […]


The other day, while posting Ninepatch to the web, I noticed the current special topic ‘forgiveness can be difficult’.

‘No kidding!’ I thought and recalled times I’d struggled to give or get it. Even as I did, though, I knew that any ‘difficulty’ had been of my own making and usually came down […]

moving – a webmaster’s note for dec 2010

Recently, I’d written about changes to Ninepatch’s web hosting company, announcing the upcoming move from DrakNet to A Small Orange. That move has since been completed and I’m please to announce that it’s caused no disruption to Ninepatch.

site update

Recently, I’d posted that our Ninepatch web site would be moved to a new home and today I received notice from our host that this move has been finished. Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to check through the site for errors or problems yet, but if anyone notices such, I’d very much apreciate your pointing […]

changes – a webmaster’s note

While it may not mean much to most, I wanted to take a moment to mention that there will be a change to our Ninaptch website soon that could affect all of us in the short term.

Our hosting company – the people who let us use their computers to store our site and make […]


So, there I was working on my computer one evening… oh, about 2 weeks ago now… when suddenly, but not ‘unexpectedly’, it hung. Argh! I was right in the middle of something when everything froze.

Frustrated, I tried a few tricks, and when they wouldn’t work, I rebooted my computer. Instead […]


Every year, between Xmas and the Western New Year, I make a list of outstanding business from the passing year and then try to clear it before the Chinese New Year (which will fall on Feb. 14th in 2010). I think of this as a ‘grace period’ or last chance to clear ‘junk’ […]

hello baba

While chatting with a ‘work friend’ recently, he shared a wonderful anecdote…

One day, while filming a documentary in a small Indian town he was interrupted by the arrival of a Brahmin (a holy man or priest). ‘Baba has come!’ the Brahmin announced, and then to my friend he said, ‘Come! You must come to […]