Following is a page from my spiritual journal. Early morning light turned the street outside my window blue-gray. Dark leafy trees reached for a patch of lighter sky. Sitting at my computer, I leaned toward the bright, “You’ve-got-mail screen.” I opened a friend’s message. “Franny, I’ve been thinking about my sister who died. In her […]


Editor’s Note: Following is a page from my spiritual journal. Murmurs echoed in the huge pole barn Friday evening as I savored hundreds of quilts. Like rugs draped over an enormous wooden drying rack, quilts of all sizes, colors and patterns hung on an overhead wood structure, waiting to be examined. Saturday, they would be […]


Editor’s note: Following is a page from my spiritual journal. Fifty four-years had passed since I last saw classmates Alice and Jim, but Alice and I had recently emailed. While she was in town for another reunion in October, I drove her to Peggy’s home for a Girls of ‘62 lunch potluck and sharing. While […]


  JEANNIE August sunshine warmed my shoulders as I walked toward my condo shuffling bills and ads from my mailbox. I paused when I saw a hand-addressed envelope. A real letter! I did not recognize the large script and my eyes shifted to the return address. It’s from Jeannie! Why would she write to me?” […]


Like air from a lady’s bulletin as she fanned herself in a warm church, a breeze wafted past as I sat on my front stoop. Nearby, an air conditioner hummed. I sat quieting for “intentional time.” Once centered, I would try to see my friend Julia. Nearly two weeks before, my friend mentioned joining her […]


Dawn painted sky pastels as I studied the glowing computer screen. I clicked on Nettie’s email, “Forgiveness.” Daily, my friend sent spiritual thoughts. What’s this one? Featuring a monarch-like butterfly, the quote appeared. FORGIVENESS Anyone can hold a grudge, but it takes a person with character to forgive. When you forgive, you release yourself from […]


Our Florida wall phone rang and I glanced at the clock. It’s still morning. Who can that be? “Hello?” “Fritzie?” It was my girlfriend who lived out East. Oh-oh! She never calls me. Though neither of us was in our Goshen, Indiana hometown that day, Cee was to meet me there on May 25. I […]


After waving goodbye to my husband, I turned toward my Gainesville church. As a gentle breeze blew in my ears, I heard God’s wordless voice. Ooo…. The cool 60-degree temperature reminded me of Ireland’s chilly September mornings. I made a holy pilgrimage there with Shalem of Bethesda, Maryland in 2002. “Pilgrimage” is “a journey to […]


Don’t forget me! Please. I’m moldy and dirty. I need help. Like ghosts of my childhood, contents of cardboard boxes packed nearly twenty years ago called from taped cartons. Among others, one was marked “Dolls.” Our dim, dusty, leaf-strewn Florida garage reminded me of a cave. While it was attached to the house, I had […]


Shall I close the bedroom door? I don’t want the balloon to scare me like the bat did. Twenty years earlier, I awoke to the whoosh of wings over my head. Opening my eyes, I saw a flapping bat. Help! I panicked. Forgetting my “strong mother” role, I ran into teenage David’s room. Slamming his […]