Eager moves and pronouncements may be thoughtless. James (Feb.’20) adds, “Careful consideration is usually rewarding.”


Recently a friend told me how much she enjoyed attending groups for discussion that fea-tured personal sharing on a topic without others questioning or adding to what had been said. I’m more of a one-on-one or small group person. This preference is not new. Since I was a child, I didn’t like slumber parties and […]


Recently, I got to thinking about an old relative: my great, great grandfather Peter Stull. (He was from my dad’s side of the family.) He joined the Union Army on January 14, 1864. He was assigned to Company G, 162 Regiment, 17th Calvary of Pennsylvania. His brother Joseph joined up in February of the same […]


Many of us make lists. I’m especially guilty of doing that.  Among the lists I wrote, one is about quilts. I have gal-loads of pictures of quilts stored on my computer and sketches in various notebooks scattered about.  (Filling up a thick binder are also some old newsprints that came from my maternal grandmother – […]


Since I have autism, ordinary social interactions are like traveling through a jungle. It is really tough for me to find my way sometimes. Truth be known, one of my great desires is just to have closer relationships with neurotypicals (NTs are ordinary people.) and better friendships with both NTs and Aspergers people. Just the […]

no beginning

No beginning is too late; no ending is too soon. James (Dec.’19) adds, “It’s important to be patient in one’s endeavors.”


When I was a youth living in Los Altos, California, I used to ride my blue Schwinn everywhere. One of my favorite places to go with my coins was the drugstore at the Rancho Shopping Center. I would spend my time gazing at the candy and perusing the racks of paperback novels. I especially loved […]


I was raised in the rural end of Elkhart County, Indiana During my early years, we lived on twenty acres in a three-room house. It had two bedrooms and a kitchen/living room area. My dad built the house during The Depression with the intent of turning it into a garage and adding a real house […]


(Conclusion) Previously: Malaina and Grunbles (The Outdoor Kitty) encounter a young raccoon acting very strangely. I reached the edge of the little wood and the raccoon turned around to face Grumbles and me. The darned thing took a few steps toward us and growled! I held up that snow shovel shield but glanced down at […]


I have fond memories of my Grandmother Roberts sitting by the fireplace ‘piecing’ quilts. That is, hand sewing small patches of different fabrics to make a pattern. When that was completed, the rough quilt top was moved to a spare bedroom and attached to a quilt frame which hung from the ceiling. It was then […]