Divorce yourself…

Divorce yourself from harm’s way.

James (Aug.’20) adds, “Make choices that keep you safe.”



Recently I was watching some really good commercials about the dangers of racial stereotyping. They got me to thinking about my own life. I came to the realization that – as a friend puts it – “I’ve got that T-Shirt.” I’ve dealt with stereo-typing as long as I can remember.

It’s true that many […]


Most of the leaves are gone from the trees up here on the mountain. Down on the flats, the colors are still on. Amazing to see a “line” in the tree colors.

During past seasons when snow falls, sometimes the leaves have still been on the trees “below” a certain invisible line. But above […]


The end of the porch where I growplants and flowers

I guess the call of the wild front porch has been over-powering. I’ve sent out only one recipe newsletter this summer. It’s not that I’ve been so busy. (Hmm, I wonder why!) My front porch, as messy as it gets, is my sanctuary and […]


One recent afternoon, I left the house with plans to pick up my mail, and go out to eat.When I came out of the post office, my car wouldn’t start. The key wouldn’t turn! I tried several times.I tried to call my son who lives in town, but couldn’t reach him. I then reasoned […]


Happiness isn’t expensive.

James (June ‘20) adds, “Anyone can afford it.”


I don’t watch news – a good thing. If I do, I’m left with anger or depression, always upset with the eternal yikity-yak. It stirs a constant round of repetition in my head, something that I’ve never been happy with.

I catch up with the gist of endless broadcasts at the weekly Sewing Circle. […]


My mother died last week. As I anticipate the coming days, I wish I could return to Pettisville, Ohio with all my children and grandchildren. The cemetery stands in the shadow of the school where I attended and graduated–along with my siblings and cousins.

Just down the street is my first home. I would […]


One of my most memor-able childhood experiences happened when I was about four years old. I was terrified.

I followed my big brother who was then thirteen, out to gather eggs and feed chickens. A marsh was below the hill where the chicken house stood. While my brother went for eggs, I went down […]


Our county became “green” today. We are ready to open up, but masks still need to be worn and social distancing observed.

Shopping is still a bit tedious. At most stores a count-taker keeping track of the num-ber of people going in. When it reaches a proscribed limit, others must wait to enter.

Yesterday […]