Never discard an option

Never discard an option, for options lead us to the pathways of our lives. James (June ‘19) adds, “Options make choices more interesting.”


In 1981 Mount St. Helens blew it’s top. I was six years old when that happened and I remember watching all of the TV footage. The whole side of the mountain blew off into a pyroclastic flow. It basically levelled trees for miles and miles and killed about ten people. Today most of the trees […]


I’ve been working on scrap books of “leftover photos” of our family, pets, and some friends. I probably threw out close to two hundred before I could tackle the project. I have a low tolerance for this kind of work, so my progress is slow. Once I got into the work, I threw out some […]


Remember when hurricanes were given only women’s names? I have a vague memory of women’s groups protesting the tyranny, gender bashing and disrespect of naming these unforgetable storms after women. It was bad enough women have been stereotyped for centuries as naggers and gossips and divided as either bad or good, or judged by how […]


Previously: After an accident, their RV’s towed vehicle was hit in a small Arizona town. Stranded in the large RV, Linda and her husband awaited repair. Linda experienced much sadness, disappointment, and consternation. After three and a half weeks of waiting, our Jeep returned from the small town’s body shop.  The waiting was a struggle.  […]


I’ve heard people with autism characterized as “cold, and unloving.” I am on the autism spectrum and I DO love others. At the same time, I need my space –quiet time alone. Being around people all day wears me down. When I say this, others tell me this is not unusual, they feel that way, […]


A year and a half ago I adopted a Siamese cat. I have no idea about her first year of life –what she experienced, whether she was kicked out or ran away from her first home. When I met her at the rescue place, I picked her up and hugged her. Mistake. She growled. Adopting […]


Perfection is elusive. James (May ’19) adds, “Doing your best is a good substitute.”


Two of my favorite pipe organs to listen to are the 1783 organ at the Priory of Souvigny, France and the 1791 organ at Poitiers Cathedral, France. What do they have in common? Both were built during a time of turmoil in France. Both were also built by a man under the employ of the […]


Like losing a family member or friend, I have always mourned the death of each family cat. Two lived to reach old age: TreeCat and KeeKee. Both were family members from the get-go.   TreeCat was a kitten when she literally stepped down a tree branch and onto my shoulders. The pale gray-striped kitten with […]