AmyKaren (July ‘17) discusses what she “saw” first in her next totally black-and-white image, and the following mostly colored one. “The ‘violin tangles’ are about how my husband’s music died with him.  Ed did such beautiful, painstaking work creating those instruments which now will never be played or enjoyed. The maker is dead, and their […]


According to the tradition surrounding the weather lore on our mountain, if it rains on the days Mary goes over the mountain in June, there will be rain throughout the summer. If Mary’s skirts weren’t wet, there would be no rain during the summer, but it would start up again on August 15 (traditionally known […]

Words and thoughts…

Words and thoughts cannot change the evolutionary process. James (June ‘17) adds, “Survival is the key to evolutionary change.”


Editor’s Note: Following the recent passing of her husband, Amy Karen began making and coloring “Zen scribbles” while she watched Hallmark movies during evenings she now spent alone. In her notebook, I saw an emerging pattern: waves of painful grief and more peaceful resolution. Following her non-verbal “story,” this month she’ll comment on the three […]


The social side of me probably comes from growing up in an isolated family. My parents had no social life together. Dad might work on a project with a cousin or work friend in the garage but it never lasted long. My mom visited only her family and when we went to see them, the […]


My twenty-year-old tabby, Henry, has congestive heart failure, and I started talking to my vet two years ago about what to expect when Henry begins severe decline. The vet said that when it is his time, he will go quickly.  For these past few years, I’ve worried about this. What if he gets a blood […]


Last year, Bill and I visited the Omaha Beach site, in Normandy, France. My uncle died there fighting with the U.S. 116th Infantry to help liberate France from Nazi rule. The site is a public beach and as it was August, many people were enjoying the ocean. Children were playing in the surf and locals […]


(Last of the series) A helpful part of healing my hurt (which made it necessary to forgive) is remembering a saying or story that impressed me. It sticks with me and I begin to change slightly: a little “growing” that is part of the healing process. That little change leads to several other little changes […]

learn to share

  May we learn to share. James (May ‘17) adds, “Sharing is the life blood of civilization.”


  (Conclusion) Previously: Linda and her husband are touring the above named church in Savannah, Ga. While there she discovers a nine patch ceiling design, African Hebrew cursive letters and Congolese cosmograms.   Our tour ended in the church auditorium, where the guide explained that the church was not just a museum, but a living […]