(Part 2 of 3) I enjoy tracking animals –especially in my neighbor’s more wild back lot. Another winter walk after fresh snow revealed a not-yet identified critter. Four sets of tracks were one large and three small. Youngsters appeared to be trailing a parent in a crooked line. The little family had walked from a […]


My mother chose to not have a funeral or a memorial service. Nothing. She was cremated and her ashes were given to her partner (which I had no qualms about.) I was sent a tiny vial of my mother’s ashes that I keep inside a wooden box with praying hands etched into copper. I made […]

Good things…

Good things happen to good people. James (Nov.’18) adds, “Be always kind and good.”


She had become a fixture in that corner of my living room. Helium filled, I received the Mylar balloon for my May 2018 birthday. Though remarkable in her endurance, four months later she began to sag into the chair and her anchor. I cut the ribbon that tethered her and Happy Birthday was free to […]


Grief never ends, but it changes. It is a passage, not a place to stay. Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor is it a lack of faith. It is the price of love. It seems as though the year has flown. Now I face the first anniversary of my mother’s death, December 21. […]


One beautiful morning last summer was just right. I was waiting at the bus stop and spotted a bird that you usually don’t see during the day. It’s easier to spot a nighthawk during dusk and at dawn. The birds are called Nighthawks but they look like big huge bats and they fly kind of […]


(Part 1 of 3) Last winter when a March storm covered the ground with new snow, I stomped off toward a neighbor’s back field to explore. Wearing snow shoes attached to my boots made walking easier in the rather deep white stuff. Fresh snow is the best to search for critter tracks. I found two […]


For over 20 years, several friends and I have been using a process whereby we access our subconscious. One gal learned it in a therapy group she attended. (I have written about my cut-and-paste art in Ninepatch before.)  I keep all my pasted up art pages. Looking over them, two of many themes emerge in those […]


I just returned from lunch with Bill-2. He was a nice man but I felt no spark and no connection. He is thinking about joining a Lutheran church. We talked about that for a while, but he never asked me about my religious affiliation. (He isn’t the kind of person who would get my faith anyway.) […]

best path

  James (Oct. ’18) adds, “It’s never too late to seek and follow your life’s best path.”