I am a stamp magnet! A few days ago I received an entire collection.  It belonged to my husband’s childhood buddy who died in 2015.  His widow gifted it with a note. Sometimes I get sad thinking about all the old collectors who have died without a plan for their stamps.  It can be overwhelming […]


My dating stories will probably be far and few between. On the other hand, I do have a date on Tuesday with another man named Bill. I’ve been corresponding occasionally with this new Bill, who is from a town more than two hours north of me. He said he was in real estate and brokered […]

No action…

No action is better than a wrong choice.             James (Sept. ’18) adds, “Waiting is safe; wrong action is sorry.”


Many of today’s generation aren’t interested in keeping family heirlooms. They don’t want “that old stuff” and send it to be auctioned off.             Cookbooks are old stuff? They once were the very heart beat of the home –the kitchen. Busy women had taken time to write down recipes passed on verbally from mothers and […]


My husband and I have started feeding the birds.  We bought two feeders and put them out close to the shed in the back yard. We have a small pond behind our section of the complex.  Of course, we have ducks and geese.  And they also come up to eat food.  I put the food […]


My heart is grieved this morning. I was standing, waiting for the bus at a stop near downtown where I work. A kind of shiver came over me.  I knew the feeling to be The Holy Spirit of warning me of something. I didn’t know what. All of the sudden I heard yelling. An argument […]


(Conclusion) Previously: Elaine told about having a blind date with a man she met online. Afterward she wrote him a “Dear John” letter.   The same day I sent Bill the “Dear John,” he wrote back.  Here’s what he said. “Hi Elaine, I appreciate your honesty. Can you tell me what type of man you […]


My mother had several hummingbird feeders around her back patio. We kids would go sit out on the sofas in the screened in area. We were sitting out there one day when she told us, “Be quiet! Sit very still.” I knew about her little bird friends because they flew all around the feeders. It […]


The death of step-son John has deeply affected my life on several levels. Even though he had a very small estate, it’s taking a lot of our thoughts and energy. My wife and I are having a Celebration of life this Saturday, which also has required much attention. Our renter, Paul (and fiancée, Mary) moved […]


 Sometimes finding a quiet place to sit so I can relax my muscles and empty my mind helps with built-up stress. When I’m driving, I’ve also even gotten to where I can feel my neck tense up. At those times, I try to relax the muscles by inhaling slower. Breathing out slowly helps at times, […]