Last year, Bill and I visited the Omaha Beach site, in Normandy, France. My uncle died there fighting with the U.S. 116th Infantry to help liberate France from Nazi rule. The site is a public beach and as it was August, many people were enjoying the ocean. Children were playing in the surf and locals […]


(Last of the series) A helpful part of healing my hurt (which made it necessary to forgive) is remembering a saying or story that impressed me. It sticks with me and I begin to change slightly: a little “growing” that is part of the healing process. That little change leads to several other little changes […]

learn to share

  May we learn to share. James (May ‘17) adds, “Sharing is the life blood of civilization.”


  (Conclusion) Previously: Linda and her husband are touring the above named church in Savannah, Ga. While there she discovers a nine patch ceiling design, African Hebrew cursive letters and Congolese cosmograms.   Our tour ended in the church auditorium, where the guide explained that the church was not just a museum, but a living […]


My sister, Virginia, and I often took our kids to a beach motel with a pool for a summer weekend. One day a Florida thunderstorm came up and we rushed the kids out of the pool. My son was about 4 years old. He was cold and shivering so I hurried him to the room, […]


I’ve a story to tell. Gotta’ tell you about my sister Mollie’s and my experience with my snake. (I have a pair of black snakes about 3 1/2 to 4 feet long that live under my stone step out front.) One morning as I was letting out my dog, Sally Mandy, I spied one of […]

Dear St. Frances

Dear St. Frances, I’ve been thinking about families and other people: what should happen as opposed to what does. I am stuck on the idea of forgiveness. Things happen. Why? Sometimes, I never learn the reason. I have to simply forgive. It can take years. There is one person I want badly to forgive. But […]


A few weeks ago, my husband and I drove 4.5 hours (round trip) to spend an hour looking at wild flowers in the desert. Due to the heavy rains this year, the desert is ablaze with color. We were driving to the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park to see the flowers when we caught the view […]


  (Part 2 of 3) Previously: Linda and her husband are touring Savannah, Ga. She has discovered an old church that has a “Nine Patch” ceiling. Her tour begins. My husband and I were running late by a few minutes and barely made it to the church in time. A young lady collected the fees […]

good words

  Good words can not be disputed. James (Apr. ‘17) adds, “They recommend love and understanding.”