I’ve been having a pleasant experience most mornings when a little mostly-grayish beige bird comes and pecks on one of the living room windows. He moves around to different ones. He pecks and looks at his reflection.

I enjoy watching him.

It’s like he’s saying hello.

July 2020

June Poucher (May ‘20) adds, “He […]

Talking Turkey

It was late April. I was sitting in my living room for morning prayers. For some reason I looked up. Outside my window, a turkey appeared! I studied it. It was a real live female turkey, whose feathers reflected the glow of the morning sun, as she strutted around my patio. I scampered to […]


I really, really want to let the guineas out. (I have just two right now.) But, every time that happens, critters sneak up to the edge of the wood, wait until I’m inside the house, then they attack the guineas.

I have bantam hens, too. One of those hens regularly jumps the fence and […]


“Inside myself is a place where I live all alone, and that is where I renew my springs that never dry up.”

– Pearl Buck.

I identified with this quotation I read immediately. I think of my “renewal place” as my inner resources such as faith, courage, responsibility, self-confidence and more.

Not everybody has […]


God’s been working on me to use appropriate eye contact when I sing in the choir.

From the time I was a pre-teen I sang in a church choir. In fact, I have sung in choirs at various churches I’ve attended, and my eye contact has never been really good. 

When I was singing […]


Give time a chance.

James (Apr.’20) expands, “Time may answer the unanswerable.”



You can have jobs without workers,

but you can’t have workers without jobs!

James (Mar.’20) says, “People who want jobs are not actually ‘workers.’”



Living on the edge of our woods, we have had many experiences with raccoons. One of my favorite memories hap-pened several years ago. We had a stray cat show up for a short while. He was huge – sixteen pounds or more! (I called him Goliath.)

One day after putting food out for the […]


Today was a good news/bad news day for me.

Good news: I awakened this morning in my warm cozy bed between flannel sheets.

Bad news: It was Friday, February 28. I soon realized the room temperature was way below normal. Getting up, I discovered my thirty-seven-year-old furnace was not functioning!

Good news: I called […]


Eager moves and pronouncements may be thoughtless.

James (Feb.’20) adds, “Careful consideration is usually rewarding.”