around the frame – mar 2021

Hi Fritzie,

I’m sitting at my kitchen table after having eaten a delicious chocolate dessert.  (That was after taking a walk for somewhere around half an hour.  Will get to a second walk after I finish this note.) Nice sky today with lovely banks of clouds.

Guess I should stop there for now.  My […]

around the frame – feb 2021

Hi Frances,

I loved your story about your father the soldier (Dec.’20). Very touching. Then, your January ‘21 newsletter containing so many different letters resonated with me on many fronts. First, your account of the little CVS house in the drug store’s parking lot make me think of the vaccine. I’m hoping to get […]

around the frame – jan 2021


I felt sad reading about your dad being away so long in the Army. War has a devastating effect on all of us noncombatants. I know my English parents were deeply affected.

I think the war and frequent bombings are why my mother was anorexic. She was sent out of London to stay […]

around the frame – nov 2020

Dear Frances,

The weather is crazy! Wild fires, floods and hurricanes! The VIRUS!! All that is stressful, then throw in the election!My most excitement happened a couple of months ago! My older daughter had a birthday. She came to stay with me for the weekend. Together we attended a grand-daughter’s wedding.I am used to […]

around the frame – oct 2020

Dear Fritzie,

I enjoyed reading your September’20 Ninepatch. The part about your childhood experiences with measles got me thinking. I don’t remember not looking out windows or staying in dark rooms. I had measles three times: German, red and three- day which were mild. However, Mom was adamant about NO LIGHT and NO READING […]

around the frame – sep 2020

Dear Frances,Back again! Here’s my response to the August Nine-patch. The monkey you sent is right in front of me. Thank you. It reminds me when I was young, we could walk safely in our small city. A frequently visited place was a zoo with a monkey house! Lots of hijinks. (It smelled – […]


Dear Frances,

You say you are thinking about what to do with the money the president sent. Fun to think-shop. I grew up in a poor family, one of six children.

(The only girl!) Luckily, like you, I do not actually enjoy looking at things and going store-to-store. When I do shop, I use […]


Perspective in the right hands

Can be a formidable reminder And teaching tool.

Simon Stargazer III

(Apr.’20) adds, “These words were a response to a teacher’s Facebook comment that she used a classroom devoid of desks. She progressed to impressing on her students that much of what we have and enjoy is because of […]


Dear Frances,

Good luck with buying a new printer and getting it online! You said you’ll need help and have to wait to get it over the phone. I hate to be put on hold, too. Sometimes there’s no other choice except to make the best of it.

That’s sure how I feel about […]


Dear Frances,

Thank you for Ninepatch and your letter. Two things hit me in the April ‘20 issue. First was your story about your wedding day.

I got married the first time to my husband (who I married more than once!) in 1969. Like you, I was not excited. Something was just not right. […]