around the frame jul 2019 – our experiences

Hi Frances – I gained SO MUCH from your June 2019 story! I am itching to respond. First of all, reading JK’s side was extremely helpful. As I read your point of view –I understood it perfectly. THEN, I read JK’s, and I understood his point of view perfectly. To add a third voice (my […]

around the frame jun 2019 – our experiences

Dear Frances, I never heard of the movie “Pay It Forward.” At ALDI, I have given my cart to others just to be helpful! My activities are back to a routine. I go to the Senior Center every Thursday for a Bible study and lunch. After that we have Bingo. (I win money once in […]

around the frame may 2019 – our experiences

Dear Frances, It was a tough winter. We had snow most every day, plus wind and cold temperatures. I was happy to see the robins in March and know spring was finally here!” Mothers’ Day is this month! My mother and my mother-in-law, both grandmothers and all my aunts on my mother’s side have passed […]

around the frame apr 2019 – our experiences

Frances, I enjoyed the Mid-month story of your puppy, Bootsie, but was sad she had to sleep alone. I always slept with my dogs, but I understand many dog-owners don’t. I even slept with Tyke, my last toy poodle. I had him seventeen years. Tyke really was my husband’s dog. Chuck got him because he had […]

around the frame mar 2019 – our experiences

Dear Fritzie, I just returned from a visit to my sister in Chicago.  While there, I enjoyed tramping through the snow and seeing my breath for the first time in three+ years and watching a beautiful six-inch snowfall.  Believe it or not I do miss the seasons, esp. winter (not the shoveling, just the quiet […]

around the frame feb 2019 – our experiences

Dear Frances and Ninepatch readers, Happy New Year! May you be blessed abundantly. I sure appreciate the concern for me Ninepatchers have shown. That’s very meaningful. I’m very grateful. I need to provide you with an update for them. I’ve had no bad news. Things are going pretty well actually. The investigators have not had […]

around the frame jan 2019 – our experiences

Hi Fritzie, I was looking through my photographs taken some time ago, and as I turned onto this photo (above) suddenly your name popped into my head!  I often send a message to the person who enters my stream of thought. Wishing you and hubby good days ahead! All the best!  Betsy Betsy (Dec.’18) adds […]

around the frame dec 2018 – our experiences

Dear Frances, Speaking of quilts, I have a quilt that I bought many years ago at an estate sale somewhere.  It had a handwritten tag on it that said “Started in 1940.” (I think it was finished in the 1970s.)  I kept the tag, but I don’t know where it is to confirm that. I believe it’s a […]

around the frame dec 2018 – our experiences

around the frame nov 2018 – our experiences

Frances, I loved your article on your strawberry plant. How sweet that it greeted you when you returned to Indiana! Dottie Dottie (June ’18) adds, “Regarding your mention of looking for bean starts, I’ve always planted bush beans from seeds. I’ve never seen starts. I plant beans in mid-May. However I’m sure you can plant […]