around the frame mar 2017 – our experiences

Hey Fritzie! The March ‘17 Midmonth Reflection about robins returning north was really peaceful and enjoyable.   Thank you my friend. Patricia Patricia (Mar. ‘17) adds, “I am so looking forward to spring.” ** Franca springtime! I am listening to the sweet chirp of birds as I write. Sometimes the chirps are loudly interrupted by […]

around the frame mar 2017 – our experiences

  Frances,   I remember old-fashioned Valentine’s Day cards. I worked as a school nurse from 1976 to 1988 and the teachers always amazed me at their thinking/ planning ahead for holidays and special occasions like Valentine’s Day.  (I never did master that!)  As a young charge nurse –no matter what shift –I arrived, got […]

around the frame feb 2017 – our experiences

Hi, In reading your reflection, I feel you were experiencing some moments of nostalgia that left you choked up.  That happens to me … sometimes nearly blindsiding me.   Anyway, I’m glad it seemed to be a positive experience for you. It usually leaves me feeling somehow unmoored.    XO, Chantal Chantal (Dec. ‘16) adds, […]

around the frame jan 2017 – our experiences

Dear Frances, I love the Midmonth Reflection candle piece I just received.  I need to print it and get it framed.  Much love, Louise (Dec. ‘16) ** Great reflection! I think Michelle Obama, in her interview with Oprah Winfrey, summed it up well when she spoke of the need for “hope.” What I feel is […]

around the frame dec 2016 – our experiences

“Thank you for your appreciation of what is!” Palma (See her story, p. 8) ** “Lovely, simply lovely thoughts and inspiring photographs…. Thank you, Frances!” Gail (July ‘16) ** “I liked your mid-month reflection article. And the nice pic.” June (See her Story in FABRICS.) ** “Gorgeous picture of the bare tree with sunset in […]

around the frame nov 2016 – our experiences

Frances, I loved your Oct. ‘16 story “Jeannie” –but so sad.  It had to be so difficult to go through this with her. So special she sent that letter to you. Dottie (July ‘16) adds, “I also loved June’s FABRICS article, “I Remember.”  How precious.  The picture of the Model A was great.” * Thanks […]

around the frame oct 2016 – our experiences

Dear Frances: I am so sorry to hear Wayne was so terribly mean to you while you were at David’s house.  It is very difficult to deal with someone who is showing that level of aggression.  You did the right thing in leaving and not engaging him.  I am proud of you!!  And, you continued […]

around the frame sept 2016 – our experiences

  Hi Frances, A nearby neighbor, whose home is in a more rural and large lot area, tilled a small patch in front of her home. Each day I drove to work with a glance to the left as she set stakes, ran string, and planted seeds. For a few weeks I guess there was […]

around the frame aug 2016 – our experiences

Fritzie, I read your reflection for mid-month and, while I found it interesting, I have little or no experiences with turtles in actual life.  However, I do agree that people can be turtles in the way they approach their lives.  Chantal Chantal (July ‘16) adds. “In fact, I may be one, ha!” ** Dear Francesca, […]

around the frame jul 2016 – our experiences

Hi Fritzie,  Your reflection of geckos has me wondering…maybe green geckos are similar to a 4-leaf clover.  They are unusual to find in Florida, anymore.  The house I rented in that state last winter had lots of lush plantings and water. Quite frankly, the brownish geckos were in such abundance that they could be pretty […]