(Letters to the Editor)


Did I write to you? I thought I did but I’m not really clear on that.  I’m feeling over-loaded these days – lots to be grateful for though. 

I remember you were upset during your late October “re-entry.” I can identify with that. (I did tell you […]

around the frame dec 2019 – our experiences


Good to hear from you! Between the rain, traffic and “tummy troubles,” I’m sure you were glad to arrive in Florida and just crash for a couple days! I had to smile when you mentioned in your letter to e-readers that JK was back in his happy place with the warm weather.


around the frame nov 2019 – our experiences


You have published your book?!  How exciting for you. It is gratifying to accomplish a goal involving your passion, isn’t it? 

I’ll look forward to reading a copy when it is available for Kindle.

Linda Rosenthal

Linda Rosenthal (Oct.’19) adds, “I have now downloaded the Kindle edition of Frances’ […]

around the frame aug 2019 – our experiences

Dear Frances,

When I read your story, “The Handyman” (May ’19) and wrote about contracts (June’19),

I had to consider my own history with such workers. While my non-contractual agreement with my dog-sitter is going smoothly, handymen are another matter.

Personally, my confrontational style is a mess. I want to improve […]

around the frame jul 2019 – our experiences

Hi Frances –

I gained SO MUCH from your June 2019 story! I am itching to respond.

First of all, reading JK’s side was extremely helpful. As I read your point of view –I understood it perfectly. THEN, I read JK’s, and I understood his point of view perfectly.


around the frame jun 2019 – our experiences

Dear Frances,

I never heard of the movie “Pay It Forward.” At ALDI, I have given my cart to others just to be helpful!

My activities are back to a routine. I go to the Senior Center every Thursday for a Bible study and lunch. After that we have Bingo. (I […]

around the frame may 2019 – our experiences

Dear Frances,

It was a tough winter. We had snow most every day, plus wind and cold temperatures. I was happy to see the robins in March and know spring was finally here!”

Mothers’ Day is this month! My mother and my mother-in-law, both grandmothers and all my aunts on my […]

around the frame apr 2019 – our experiences


I enjoyed the Mid-month story of your puppy, Bootsie, but was sad she had to sleep alone. I always slept with my dogs, but I understand many dog-owners don’t. I even slept with Tyke, my last toy poodle. I had him seventeen years.

Tyke really was my husband’s dog. […]

around the frame mar 2019 – our experiences

Dear Fritzie,

I just returned from a visit to my sister in Chicago.  While there, I enjoyed tramping through the snow and seeing my breath for the first time in three+ years and watching a beautiful six-inch snowfall.  Believe it or not I do miss the seasons, esp. winter (not the shoveling, just the […]

around the frame feb 2019 – our experiences

Dear Frances and Ninepatch readers,

Happy New Year! May you be blessed abundantly. I sure appreciate the concern for me Ninepatchers have shown. That’s very meaningful. I’m very grateful. I need to provide you with an update for them. I’ve had no bad news. Things are going pretty well actually.