around the frame oct 2016 – our experiences

Dear Frances: I am so sorry to hear Wayne was so terribly mean to you while you were at David’s house.  It is very difficult to deal with someone who is showing that level of aggression.  You did the right thing in leaving and not engaging him.  I am proud of you!!  And, you continued […]

around the frame sept 2016 – our experiences

  Hi Frances, A nearby neighbor, whose home is in a more rural and large lot area, tilled a small patch in front of her home. Each day I drove to work with a glance to the left as she set stakes, ran string, and planted seeds. For a few weeks I guess there was […]

around the frame aug 2016 – our experiences

Fritzie, I read your reflection for mid-month and, while I found it interesting, I have little or no experiences with turtles in actual life.  However, I do agree that people can be turtles in the way they approach their lives.  Chantal Chantal (July ‘16) adds. “In fact, I may be one, ha!” ** Dear Francesca, […]

around the frame jul 2016 – our experiences

Hi Fritzie,  Your reflection of geckos has me wondering…maybe green geckos are similar to a 4-leaf clover.  They are unusual to find in Florida, anymore.  The house I rented in that state last winter had lots of lush plantings and water. Quite frankly, the brownish geckos were in such abundance that they could be pretty […]

around the frame jun 2016 – our experiences

Dear Frances, Your “found fives” are not exactly manna from Heaven, but still … a boon awaiting awarding. My unexpected money goes into a horseradish jar. Blessings, Simon Simon Stargazer (May ’16) adds, “Spare, non-copper change, as well as $1s, $5s, and occasional $10s go in the horse-radish jar for minor “emergencies” like garage sales. […]

around the frame may 2016 – our experiences

Dear Frances, Thanks for your mid-month reflection about your tunnel treasure. I am reading Meeting in the Margins by Cynthia Trenshaw. It’s about serving the homeless of San Francisco, California. You didn’t ask your readers, but my first reaction to your self question: what to do with your found treasure, and your assumption that it […]

around the frame apr 2016 – our experiences

Dear Fritzie, I can’t help but agree with your comment in the Feb. ‘16 reflection, “Walking out.” It can be said we are all “under construction.” Most of the time that seems like a good thing. Other times, it can maybe be a little unsettling. I apologize for being AWOL from our e-mail exchange. After […]

around the frame mar 2016 – our experiences

Frances, About “Walking Out:” beautiful sand. I’m sure you and David had a good time. I have happy memories of Bradenton Beach too. Years ago my friend Barbara, who was visiting, spent many hours on this beach with me. There is an area where there is live entertainment with great musicians. Dottie Dottie (Jan. ‘16) […]

around the frame feb 2016 – our experiences

Hi Fritzie, Just up and at the kitchen table for my first cup of coffee. Before sitting down I moved my tulips to the stove and snapped a photo. I opened Ninepatch and guess what I found? Your tulips! Mine can’t compare with yours. When I look at my photo I think, “Oh, I should […]

around the frame jan 2015 – our experiences

Muffin (July ‘15) says, “I’ve said the same things about trees. We have ornamental pear trees around the pond out back, but one turned red long before the others and some are still green–all the same kind of tree but yet behaving different. Same goes for all the maples. The one outside a window turns […]