around the frame may 2018 – our experiences

Dear Francaocean, I enjoyed your March Mid-Month story, “What Comes Around Goes Around,” about the uncleared table at the cafeteria. As a substitute teacher, I remind students to make sure they leave nothing behind at the end of the class period. But, I still spend a few moments picking up stuff after the room empties […]

around the frame apr 2018 – our experiences

Hi Fritzie, I just finished reading March ‘18 Ninepatch.. It is a totally miserable winter day here and I thought reading it would be an enjoyable break …and it was! I thought what you did for Sandy regarding her “musings” was an amazing gift. Chantal (See her MONTHLY QUESTION comment in this issue.) adds, “I […]

around the frame Feb 2018 – our experiences

Dear Frances, I’m sorry to read of your aunt’s passing.  Yes, God bless her and your family coping with her loss. As ever, Gail Gail (Jan. ’18) adds, “How well I remember the loving hugs from my favorite aunt…the way she looked me in the eye and expressed her affection and made me feel warm […]

around the frame jan 2018 – our experiences

Dear Frances, I’m thinking about your recent mid-month reflections. I enjoyed comparing the November and December ‘17 photos of the view from your deck in Goshen, Indiana.  I do the same thing with my camera in my back yard.  It’s fun to capture the seasons in photos and then make comparisons across the seasons and […]

around the frame dec 2017 – our experiences

Frances… Funny! When I first saw the pic with your Mid-month Reflection (before I read it was frost) I gasped and got nervous. Thought it was a flood.! Lol. We had our first snow that left about half an inch of large flakes on my yard here last week. It was lovely but only lasted […]

around the frame nov 2017 – our experiences

Dear Francairconditioning’sfreezinginthisclassroom!         Thanks for the camp memory.  It’s funny how little snatches of music and images filter back through the years. I have found myself humming “Joyful, joyful, we are joyful, ever blessing, ever blessed.” I HAVE no idea where that would have entered into my life. It may have come from my childhood years in […]

around the frame oct 2017 – our experiences

Fritzie, Your Mid-Month Reflection brought tears to my eyes. This has been a rough summer, indeed, but your comments were heartwarming. Fred Fred (Apr.’16) adds, “Sorry to have missed the reunion. I was there in spirit.” ** Frances, Cool Mid-Month Reflection on your Class Reunion! Having gone to boarding school, 530 miles away from home, […]

around the frame aug 2017 – our experiences

Hi Frances,  I enjoyed your nostalgic piece “Heat Wave” in the July ‘17 Ninepatch. It featured a summer night on the street where you lived.  It was total Americana, Norman Rockwell-ish, and soothing to read.  It’s good to have those positive memories; they derail the negative intrusions. When Bill and I were bopping around Savannah, […]

around the frame jul 2017 – our experiences

Hi Frances, I just finished reading the May ‘17 issue where you wrote about memories of soft things. I also had my grandmother’s seal fur coat and wore it! On me, it looked very similar to the one in your picture.  The coat was very warm, lush, and heavy! I had no idea seal fur was […]

around the frame jun 2017 – our experiences

Hi Frances, I enjoyed reading about the basketball games in the April ’17 Ninepatch. Your description brought back an atmosphere that I remember from my years of attending basketball games. I also recall fondly the many games I attended when in high school and college. In high school, I was a cheerleader. I attended both […]