This novel by Louise Erdrich is about a young woman who was adopted although she was born as a Native American.  But, there is much more to the story.  The world is changing.  Evolution has changed and appears to be going backward.  The young woman is pregnant, but pregnancy is now complicated because the government–or […]


Tuesdays keep coming Around, And though they aren’t Unpleasant, Come evening- It’s time To put the garbage Out- Making sure  its green container Does not overflow- And blue container holds Cans, The orange paper. Nothing too hard- Just a routine. If I’m lucky I see A neighbor- All the trash in a line Along the […]


Following are a few recent titles I’ve read, but I am not sure you will love them. I will indicate which ones I liked the best with stars–the more stars the better! Commonwealth by Ann Patchett (Even though I have loved Patchett’s books, I did not care for this one.) 2.The Moscow Club by Joseph Finder  […]


This book is written by Jodi Picoult. The author writes in an easy flowing style and features richly layered characters that held my interest. The story follows Ruth Jefferson who is a labor and delivery nurse with many years of experience at a Connecticut hospital. One day Ruth begins a routine checkup on a newborn […]


Back in March ‘17, I wrote a piece about a chance meeting with Irish author, Maeve Binchy. It happened several years ago on a visit to Dublin to see my family. Currently, I am reading that author’s biography, Maeve Binchy: The Biography written by Piers Dudgeon. “There are other biographies written of Maeve Binchy, but  […]


Will Campbell wrote the book, Brother to a Dragonfly, as an autobiography.  He also describes his older brother and describes their growing up on a cotton farm in Mississippi.   Will became a Baptist minister, but he left pastoring the church after a few years.  He became active in the civil rights movement in the 50’s […]


I enjoy special holiday stories by one of my favorite authors, Anne Perry. Maybe you will enjoy some holiday reading, too. The list of Perry’s holiday books starts below with the first one written: A Christmas Journey A Christmas Visitor A Christmas Secret A Christmas Beginning A Christmas Promise A Christmas Homecoming A Christmas Garland […]


Recently, I enjoyed the book A Paris Apartment by Michelle Gable, published in 2014. I pick- ed it up in one of the “Little Library” boxes we have in Traverse City, Michigan. Here’s the storyline: April, a Sotheby’s furniture specialist, travels to Paris to evaluate the antiques found in an apartment there. The place has […]


When I went to church with my mother, I picked up several books being discontinued from their library. One was the book Congregational Discipling. The book includes chapters on how to deal with issues that children, younger adults (my generation), and the elderly face as members of a Mennonite Congregation. It urged compassion, discipline, and […]


I recently read Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver. I really love her books! She’s clever and witty in this one about climate change and the butterfly migration changing location. Pervious to that volume, I read From Sand and Ash by Amy Harmon. It was the best, most compelling book I’ve read in I don’t know […]