Aching but yesterday’s snow digging freed our cars. Tense- yesterday’s driving: just plowing thru ice under snow barely seeing out windshield frozen: freezing. Blasting icewinds on the melt, defrost full blast, wipers only shmear. Today: winter storm chaos, Watching Hall Street hill, Cars stuck or slide sideways Intersection: sliding, spinning collision. I pray for drivers: […]


Which is worst?Understanding my brother? Or the hospital protocols?Order for suicide precautionsBecause he said he wantedTo die—Huh?A student nurse sitterWhile I hit the ceiling—Why? The doctor is called,We have communion,Agreeing no more treatment— But here they come again For a CAT scan—What? Huh? We get that settled,No More Treatment! He calls out in pain, They have […]


Everyone has worth… The question is…  Do they flaunt it,  Or quietly use it  To improve the lives of others?  Simon Stargazer III (Feb. ‘19) adds, “When I wrote ‘…Do they flaunt it…’ I was thinking of self-aggrandizement which can be associated with perhaps feelings of indebtedness on the part of the receivers. (I think […]


On my way… Today, knowing what to expect, Yet not knowing – I have listened to doctors, Nurses, anesthesiologists, And physician’s Assistant – But my brother’s speech, Too garbled to understand, The dimensions of a tumor Are known but how could he Have known? As much as we know From charts, We don’t know much […]


Colors flown, out of our hands. Dogs with Sarah and I under blankets, Cassie’s bed – Cassie now cradled in God’s hammock hands, being gently ever so lifted across the map and placed with utmost cosmic care into warm safe cozy final bed, *flooding motion of cells and aura still calibrating from the rocketing liftoffs […]


We have only one past to remember. We only have the present to experience…. But think of all the exciting futures we have! And, we get to pick and work on developing them!            Simon Stargazer III (Jan.’19) expands, “Today, I was thinking of my brother, John, who is in his […]


I don’t know him.Billy Goat GruffResists anyoneGetting close – I avoided knowing him, Except on occasions. Now without his asking,I am still the one left – He,In a hospital bed I might have to sit beside,Me with my own listsOf people turned away– I have a suitcase being readied, Knitting needles,Washable wool, Paper for poemsAnd pens, […]


I Am love. When I walk, I Am Love walking. When I dance it is Love who dances. When I breathe, Love breathes. When I speak, Love speaks. I Am patient. I Am kind. I do not envy, nor do I boast. I Am not self-seeking, but for the One. I Am not easily angered. […]


Sometimes presence  Is the only conversation needed.   Simon Stargazer III (Dec. ‘18) expands, “The soul speaks out of the silence with quiet wisdom. Or, as Quakers believe, ‘In silence, that still small voice of God speaks to us from within and we may be led to share the experience.’ In practice, silent presence may be the […]


Editor’s Note: Recently three poems by Sandy Cosgrave, a deceased Ninepatcher, came to me. Following is the last. My heart moans With the wind, Remembering days Long past, Faces gone And vanished in time. Pain buffets my Longing, first this Way, then that, Sharp, clear, bright. Memories flash past, Barely glimpsed, leaving whirling fragments of […]