God made a garden perfect and neat, Trees were so tall and flowers were sweet. God said it was good, but lacked one thing more. So He made a man that His image bore. God, how often I am lonely for Thee. Are you also lonely for me? Now the serpent, subtle and small Made […]


The kind of loveYou can’t erase,Even after years,There is still tearsTo be shed,When darkness comesAs shadow,Early eveningYou know it soon will pass – Not so memories,Held fastened like a winterCloak, so it is,Ink cannot always be removed,Tattooed on your heart,No surgeon has a needleStrong enough to takeAway—Somethings are imprinted,Meant to last forever,Forever to be remembered,Not […]


The sky turned purpleAfter tested by a hurricane.Six women sharedHow they got to where weWere, in a large apartmentBuilding. Most of us would agreeWe are “the feminist six,”Sitting with our wineAnd our stories—poemsPulled out of our pockets – And our books,Or painted canvases. Common and uncommon, we areWell- traveled, educated, howOur secrets are not worthThe […]


It rose from the ground as I walked by. As if it was striving to catch my eye. It fluttered in the air like a golden beam, As the sunlight made its colors gleam. Further and further it flew from me, ‘Til it disappeared in the leaves of a tree. For a moment only it […]


Following are little comments and story responses to the topic, “The thing I remember most about my first job is…” Liz/Moascar (July’19) says, “Jimmy Savile, the British disc jockey who was posthumously revealed to be a child sexual predator, came in to eat a meal at the Wimpy bar where I was waitressing on Sundays. […]


At beginning andEnd of oceanEdges, The sun comes upDutifully,Faithfully;… For early morningRisers,Seated on the sand Beach towels spreadFashionably,…in red, yellow and green – We four of us – Son, daughter-in-law, granddaughter and me, Not forgetting Mae-Mae, – Walk on white softSands— A mile walk,Where everyone Now awakeWalks along, tooDogs catching balls,Or running,Little-legged Mae-MaeKeeping up…. Gayle Bluebird […]


I went to a funeral the other day Something strange was at play Everyone was smiling I saw Even down to the distant in-law What could account for this behavior? Didn’t someone just meet their maker? Memories of a life well spent Could not darken this event Fabulous stories and pictures all revealed Events and […]


Too many lives Hang unbalanced,Though the sky foreverWaits in blue For what we never know,Time has no plannedSchedule, For-whence we-entered,Nor-when-we leave. Friends,Have flowers growingIn gardens—They fade,And die. But we know betterWhen they leave us,Our vases still filledWith water,Emptied are replaced,With new life flowers What we can never Do is replace a friend. Gayle Bluebird (June […]


A labor of love doesn’t have to be hard … It just has to BE! Simon Stargazer III (May ’19) adds, “I have recently been reminded of both the emotional and physical benefits of hugs. As humans we need them several times a day. To be most effective they should be at least twenty seconds […]


I dreamt I was a tulipGrowing in a fieldNear windmills turningAnd a bluest sky—I dreamt myself in purpleBut whites and pinks wereNext to me—No borders, no lines,I could barely see theHorizon—All was well;As a tulip I leaned Back and forthBut never fell—Green stems kept meHealthy—Planted well, I stayedIn a vast field. Beauty never strayedNor could a […]