I don’t know him.Billy Goat GruffResists anyoneGetting close – I avoided knowing him, Except on occasions. Now without his asking,I am still the one left – He,In a hospital bed I might have to sit beside,Me with my own listsOf people turned away– I have a suitcase being readied, Knitting needles,Washable wool, Paper for poemsAnd pens, […]


I Am love. When I walk, I Am Love walking. When I dance it is Love who dances. When I breathe, Love breathes. When I speak, Love speaks. I Am patient. I Am kind. I do not envy, nor do I boast. I Am not self-seeking, but for the One. I Am not easily angered. […]


Sometimes presence  Is the only conversation needed.   Simon Stargazer III (Dec. ‘18) expands, “The soul speaks out of the silence with quiet wisdom. Or, as Quakers believe, ‘In silence, that still small voice of God speaks to us from within and we may be led to share the experience.’ In practice, silent presence may be the […]


Editor’s Note: Recently three poems by Sandy Cosgrave, a deceased Ninepatcher, came to me. Following is the last. My heart moans With the wind, Remembering days Long past, Faces gone And vanished in time. Pain buffets my Longing, first this Way, then that, Sharp, clear, bright. Memories flash past, Barely glimpsed, leaving whirling fragments of […]


My brother is bigger than me. I want his arms, his chest, his face. I want to be like him,     barricaded, protected from my jealousy.      I need linoleum, density, the humm      of hard things. But I don’t have those kinds      of limitations, I only have a blaze of color,              starting things on fire. Under David’s […]


Turning pages of my Address book, Scratch out old Addresses of friends No longer with us, More and more prayers Are asked for. More we talk about  The other side  In wonders and curiosity, We either do or don’t send More messages. I have new boxes of note Cards, Write one a day. Look at […]


Snowflakes sparkle in the sunshine, twisting, turning in the air, quivering, hovering, tumbling upward, sideways, in whirling spangles of light…. The wind snatches clouds of white from the slopes, sends them racing by my window. Gusts cross the roof, trailing long smoking fingers, that tickle, trickle across my soul…. Editor’s Note: Recently three poems written […]


The brain Is an amazing tool, Especially when used By a Determined mind! Simon Stargazer III (Nov.’18) adds, “Last week a friend of mine was playing a word game on the computer, with me. She said she would be taking a break for a while due to a health issue. A few days later, she […]


We carried the star home Scattered like Snowflakes on the Dark velvet of Our shoulders, Smelling faintly Of dew And orange peel.   Sandy Cosgrave (Dec.’16). Editor’s Note:  Recently three poems by a deceased Ninepatcher, Sandy Cosgrave came to me. This is one.       Sandy in 1999


My mind is ticking, Not so much in Poetry, Though creative words Are used to dream, To vision, Sift the twists and turns, What is just birthing, Finding excitement Once again, I am dreams awake, Along a calm river, Inspiration comes In waves, Soft ripples, No stormy clouds, All I can say is I am, […]