We carried the star home Scattered like Snowflakes on the Dark velvet of Our shoulders, Smelling faintly Of dew And orange peel.   Sandy Cosgrave (Dec.’16). Editor’s Note:  Recently three poems by a deceased Ninepatcher, Sandy Cosgrave came to me. This is one.       Sandy in 1999


My mind is ticking, Not so much in Poetry, Though creative words Are used to dream, To vision, Sift the twists and turns, What is just birthing, Finding excitement Once again, I am dreams awake, Along a calm river, Inspiration comes In waves, Soft ripples, No stormy clouds, All I can say is I am, […]


Your smile may be  fleeting on your lips,   But it may be Forever in my heart   Simon Stargazer III (Oct. ‘18) adds, “…and then when I think of you, the first thing I see is your smile…and my heart smiles!”


There is no more holding back. The Word shines down upon you, melts away the cold, harsh resurrectories you’d                 summoned, shovels the hurt from your heart,                 sets you up in a smooth breeze of somersaults and apparancies. This is not the                 world you had hoped to invent; this is better. The Word […]


Humor  Is uplifting On both ends … Sending and Receiving Just like the smiles it causes. I wish I had more of it to share!               Simon Stargazer III   (Sept. ’18) comments on his lines, “I’m a pretty positive guy, and I try to share positive thoughts with most everyone I meet. Humor is […]


After the marches And rallies and protests At home now With bunions and sun Burn, The marchers all worn out,   The policemen Their guns removed from under their pant legs, Satisfied from their kept-ordered Peace, Makes one wonder about The aftermath, Whether any marchers Changed sides, Whether more lines  Will form at the ballot […]


I used to belong to back yard Buicks, to sliding glass patio doors and early   Saturday dewy mornings, to basket for newspapers on my BMX, a pogo stick, and to a slight change in seasons. But these I can no longer touch.   It’s this coat I’m wearing, it’s too heavy. I can’t even smile […]


In the room of soft light, I have all I need, Paintings on the wall, Open screen,  Pale rain has started,  Against a darkening sky – I have thoughts about all I can’t Understand, Is it important to agree Or just to love, Rain is a given, an Understood, Explained by some. The weatherman reports […]


May the vibe of the tone of the Song of the World still come through. May it like early September sun through spaces in its cooling clouds to warm us when the breeze slows. May it come drying up the fresh lush Chi-town trees and pavements after morning rain, may it though we’ve charged ourselves […]


Even if you Don’t participate, You still send different kinds of Messages to diverse people.  So, why not join in And tell it like it is?   Simon Stargazer III (Aug. ‘18) expands, “Though it doesn’t really fit the intention of this poem, my dad used to say something like: ‘A fool and his thoughts […]