This morning outside the seal of my back door stood a curious young blonde boy. He took my sleeve and walked me away from the corkboard of my flat yellow room. He walked me past my triangle yard and rhubarb and strawberry dirt fence. He led me into cornfield beyond Plum Street. We pushed aside […]


When I am desperate and need that God connection, I close my eyes and imagine myself surrounded by, embraced by, and in sacred lake waters of my youth. Being gently caressed, held, supported, loved and protected, I still have freedom to move from place to place. Looking around, I see I am in a significant […]


There is no more holding back. The Word shines down upon you, melts away the cold, harsh resurrectories you’d summoned, shovels the hurt from your heart, sets you up in a smooth breeze of somersaults and apparancies. This is not the world you had hoped to invent; this is better. The word shines out from […]


And consider them A special gift, Like a Valentine, From someone You love– Let them interrupt Lunch-as special As maple peanut Butter stuffed in Celery– Let the floral bedspread Get wet… And Your shoulder, Whether the fabric Be satin or cotton; Let the day’s attempt At rain give a wink And a nod- Because for […]


Love is getting up at 4 AM To calm the confusion.   Simon Stargazer III (Jan. ’18) explains, “?These lines are a short and concise representation of what we go through for the sake of the love for another. In this instance, my wife, Pat, got up at 4 AM, transferred to her power chair […]


When you are calm,  Life gives you time To think and ponder.    Simon Stargazer III (Dec. ‘17) expands, “Money and family! ?Even in the best of circumstances the combination can become contentious. My wife’s son got into a financial bind about 6 months ago and I took over his bills, with him giving me […]


In the depths of my soul Many thought-trains In various stages of transformation Await heartmind To arrange the words into Picturebites. DAPepple (Dec. ‘17) adds, “My brain has been overloaded for the past year with a deep-seated onslaught of cognitive dissonance. Unresolved spiritual assurance has dominated most thoughts. Yet it is my core-belief faith that […]


With a pouch of tobacco I lie upon marigolds, watching dirt beyond my left thigh rise and circle around toward me. It notices the spec of electricity nestled between my stomach and my diaphragm. The real size of me is that spec, a pinhole, something like a star. This mechanism has been locked into my […]


BLUE LAPIS What we know crashes through us like Lake Michigan in September. I ride on this knowing, flat on my back, arms outstretched, blue lapis on my throat, on my forehead, and there is a star directly above me which is already dead, which somebody has already named. It is attached by a kite […]


A step in any direction Is practice for getting From where you are To where you want to be.  Simon Stargazer III (Nov. ‘17) adds,” I wrote this for a dear friend recovering from a stroke..   It’s now been several months since I stopped for a visit on my way home from Denver, He […]