I want to know, I need to know, I have to know, Before I’ll trust. Why, why, why, Lord, How, how, how? Answer all my questions, Lord, This is my must. This isn’t right, Lord! This shouldn’t be. If it were up to me, Lord, I’d end all misery. All the pain, Lord, just magnifies […]


Unglued again, alone on a new brick patio, sipping contraband espresso, you are the sharp ore on the floor of this new communion. More than your body, you are a growing perspective behind the world moving in one solid piece like taffy. You are a collaboration, the shared experience of world and body, fused by […]


This flame wants to leap from its wick, scale down the side of this candle, and dive for my shoulder. It wants to ignite my neck and create a sizzling at the core of my brain. It wants me to imagine sidewalk soap and foil wallpaper, green and blue. It wants me to remember the […]


Cynthia’s smile took her everywhere, To New York City To buy clothes for her dress shop, On excursions to Canada and Europe, And one sailing cruise that I know of. She drove Charles and me, two of Her grandchildren, to dentists in Philadelphia And foot doctors in Allentown, To many gospel Meetings wherever they were […]


The Truth-sayer speaks With a feather-like knife Cutting gently ‘tween Day-light and strife Knowing the difference of right words and wrong Some warn of dangers, some burst into song Sweet sounding aroma, the musicians’ lost chord TRUTH lived totally, By Jesus my Lord. DAPepple (Feb. ‘17) adds, “We have all heard that the truth shall […]


A wise man May not be aware of it. That is part of What makes him wise. Simon Stargazer (Feb. ‘17) expands, “From time to time, I hear ‘Out of the mouths of babes.’ The earliest wisdom often comes with little or no bias. Elderly wisdom might be coming from a return to childhood, in some […]


  Everyone should be remembered for something special they had to say – For Cynthia it was, “You’re pretty when you smile.” I always figured that she meant that if I smiled I wasn’t ugly, which is what I thought I was. She didn’t think she was pretty either. Her sister, Delilah, she said, was […]


Never say, “I don’t have enough time ….” There’s plenty of time. It goes on forever. The problem is, there’s not enough of you inside time, So stretch yourself and make the most of it!  Simon Stargazer (Jan. ’17) expands, “This poem was inspired by the many people who always say ‘I didn’t have time to […]


Today just now on way home in the horrid fierce winds I pushed against a 45-degree angle as I pressed for the bus stop in time, I saw lying on the ground a mess of something black and silver and squinting my eyes against the verbose monstrosity that was the wind, I saw that it […]


He gets tired with feet swollen red, Rampant depression flows thru his head. Feelings of anger, loves lost and shame, Sitting in a jail cell, his new code of fame. Missing his loved ones, lost and alone, Uttering a prayer in a long languid moan Praise Him, Bless them, scare the devil away! Barely feeling […]