Blind keyboard player in Washington/Lake pedway, Small McDonald’s French fry and empty Fillet of Fish wrapper, chews silently, sits on milk crates, keyboard on white plastic bucket, his table and the rush hour shufflers thicken past him, gladdened by the predictability of his presence, exposed by his vulnerable meal. Minutely uncomfortable, shaken by tonight’s silence, […]


The feast of the Lord is never ending, His mercies abound all around. How can one see the smiles of a child And question the love He’s sending? My eyes hear giggles in the midst of a storm, My ears see songs of praise. In the cold of winter my soul glows warm. His miracles […]


In and out of active addiction, Accompanied by insanity attacks, I was carried thru by God’s great love With the weight of my cross on His back. Now that I see the miracle happening The forces of evil grow stronger To re-capture the victory they thought was theirs, But tangible –no longer. Through vanity, pride […]


Time flies Whether you’re Having fun or not.   So grab a bit of that time And use it to have some fun! Simon Stargazer (Apr.‘17) adds, “I have fun when I visit antique stores or especially antique malls to see what triggers nostalgia! I rarely buy, unless it is a special item that evokes […]


I feel sometimes, David, that I will never be able to visit you again. You’re always being shipped to a new facility. They keep shifting my schedule at work and I can’t ride with Mom to see you, but I sent with her a picture I colored. Kent County wouldn’t allow crayon drawings, so I’ve […]


Cynthia had thin lips that said more than the words she spoke. When she was content they stayed in a slightly up-turned-line. When she was upset with you they puckered and shook a little; she had a habit of sniffing and she would only say one word, “Gayle”– You would have wished for more. A […]


Cynthia owned a dress shop in the center of Quakertown, a few door down from Kaiser’s Drug Store and the Karlton Theater. A green sign outside the shop, posted above the shop windows, prominently announced The Cynthia Shop, where she would prepare her legacy, a business for which she would be most remembered. “Her girls” […]


When someone passes over, It ignites the flame of memories Generated by their life and its interactions, Which, in turn, may affect the future of those touched.   Simon Stargazer III (Mar. ‘17) says, “I’ve been affected. I wrote these lines in memory of Elsa (Von Haesler) Haworth, Thayer Jones and Chase Haworth. In thinking of […]


I want to know, I need to know, I have to know, Before I’ll trust. Why, why, why, Lord, How, how, how? Answer all my questions, Lord, This is my must. This isn’t right, Lord! This shouldn’t be. If it were up to me, Lord, I’d end all misery. All the pain, Lord, just magnifies […]


Unglued again, alone on a new brick patio, sipping contraband espresso, you are the sharp ore on the floor of this new communion. More than your body, you are a growing perspective behind the world moving in one solid piece like taffy. You are a collaboration, the shared experience of world and body, fused by […]