Days driven by discomfort, I have become a contortionist. Of course there will be poetry alive by other campfires, there will be chills of moonlight, there will be dances of color on paper paint in the veins ink in the head ink on the walls ink on the floor ink in the heart. Life is […]


There were times: Retrospect embarrassments Covetous resentments Lied upon entanglements Sheer nonsense contentments Innocent awe and belief firmaments. There were times: Happiness, passion, wild abandonments Pain, shame and desperate moments Complacency and boredom – just living with life’s entanglements. There were times: Wanting more, bigger and better, Taking undue credit, Having insatiable appetites, and hiding […]


As if I am on a throne, My green couch suffices, In my royal clothes, Pajamas, (if you must know, Warm or cotton lightly,) I look out my doorway, Sometimes open, sometimes Closed, But always with a quiet buzzing Outside; Even if there is nothing to hear, Young birds scatter on branches, Learning to fly, […]


The most astounding things about working in this cafeteria is knowing you eat dinner here every Tuesday, bringing your tray of dishes to me by six-thirty. Your burgundy hair makes an entrance I feel dangerous watching you pass, wanting you to raise your head from the plate you set before me. Among your traces of […]


Cynthia and I sat in the Dublin Diner At the end of a school day when Too early November frost Had accumulated on the window pane. It was about 5:30 p.m. when back In town cheerleaders were practicing For the upcoming football game. Cynthia knew something was wrong But didn’t ask, preferring to Talk to […]


Satan employs monsters And blasphemes every rule in the game, Striving to maim brothers and sisters Is his lame-duck claim to fame. Vessels of bitterness, greed and glory Are opened by alcohol and drugs. Attempting to embellish God’s Great Story By smearing toxic sludge. Only by prayer and His Spirit within Can one survive in […]


It may be a stretch, But striving for the light Is always right. Simon Stargazer III expands on the thought, “Often in a crisis, and even in everyday circumstances, we look above for answers. Sometimes, we look within, searching the dark corners of the brain for an answer. Stretching the mind opens up the inner […]


Cynthia was never around to see what I was Doing, but Grammy, it seemed, was there all the time. She would meet me in the hallway, sure she had smelled something. “Gayle, have you been smoking?” “No, Grammy,” I would say, or “Gayle, have you been playing in the dirt?” “No, Grammy.” Not far from […]


Giver and taker both – impossible to be Like saying you’re a he, but really a she. Sweet and salt water can’t flow from the same well. Like saying you’re asleep while ringing a bell, Taking and receiving are two different things, Receiving’s acknowledging what another one brings. Taking is claiming what really ain’t yours, […]


When you do something for someone, You make a bond… no matter how small.  All big things start out small. Simon Stargazer III (June ‘17) adds to his thought, “I have also found that the other side of this concept is equally as important. At times it is (Next.) important to let someone do something […]