On Foot, Chicago, 2002

Big commotion

On the East bank

Of Magnificent Mile –

A disturbance in the rhythm

Of sidewalk shoppers –

I see

Two people,

Heads cocked similarly

Talking on cell phones

But seem to walk

In different directions.

Dude in suit

Brushes past me, signals

Approaching traffic cop,

Points back,

“Woman […]


Mae-mae and Gayle

What we think ofAs losses,May be just pauses,Long or shortDistortions.As our minds makeAssumptions,May be too-early conclusions.

What we thought just yesterdayCan change the next day,Like stormy weatherLasts only so long,

The sun takes its honoredPlace,What we count on.

Ahead is what isAhead,

Night’s breathingHas its own rhythm,

The next dayIn measured […]


Hinged bus courtesy of Wikipedia

PUBLIC TRANSIT MUSINGS Michigan Avenue, Chicago, 2002 Old express buses awesome with the double swinging-hinge middle, the old smell of leather ancients. These transits are ghosts, no air-conditioning, and I’ll tell you what else is awesome – elderly woman bent over toddling, her shuffling, white hair with clutch purse […]


Beauty is everywhere! And now and again Sometimes when You least Expect it. Thank you, God.

Simon Stargazer III (Feb.’20) says, “I used to carry a Cannon camera everywhere. Now my phone has taken over with almost instantly-sent pictures. (I miss the quality and editing abilities though.) My favorite subject is God’s beauty […]


My Mae-Mae

The nice thing about Pets, They have no political Affiliation, No preferences of Candidates, Limited their likes, To which Dry or wet food, Adamant about Treats, (you would Think they could read Labels), Love they give Indiscriminately, Unconditionally, Not Needing to be Analyzed, No marriage counseling Is needed— The issues we question […]


We??need to ??update our ??door to the past,??to look for the beauty,??wisdom and strength that ??we can find in our past memories,??associations and learning experiences.?

?And share the good stuff all around now!? ????????

Simon Stargazer III (Jan.’20) adds, “When I wrote these lines, it had just suddenly struck me while I was puttsing […]


First cup

Of coffee,

Throat warmed,

Slowly downed,

Or forgetful – I

…might set it

Aside … Or

Have a second cup,

Stirring up aliveness,

…Open door …sit

On the patio … make

…my list,

…in changing shades

Of greys,

Everything a-stirring

…when you have

A cup of coffee

… […]


Sun shines through

Morning chill,

Jacket on, I hear

Chir-up, chir-up

From a tree.

Pink cherry blossoms

Reach for gold in the sky.

And live oaks still hold

shiny brown leaves.


But not quite.

Calendar says, “February”

And gray Spanish moss hangs from the trees like Christmas tinsel

Proving it’s weather […]


While it’s what’s inside your brain

And wants to get out that counts,

What, where, when, how

And with whom you share –

Can be more important,

Dontcha’ know?

Simon Stargazer III

(Dec.’19) adds, “I learned two important things at an early age. Most importantly is to […]


Wish for all of us—Save questions for laterYou already have theAnswersTo life— You can’t changeWhat already is—

Gayle Bluebird (Dec.’19) adds, “We are always looking for answers, to what happen-ed before to what happens next.  We cannot change things but life moves us along and we have to accept what is and what was.”