instructions feb 2009


The book on my bedside table include the following:

Conversations with God, Book 1 by Neale Donald Walsch. This is a book that changed my life, and I frequently return to it.

Also there is, Spot of Grace: Remarkable Stories of How You DO Make A Difference, by Dawna Markova. The author quotes a passage from Mark Nepo’s Unlearning Back to God: Essays on Inwardness in which he says “Each person is born with …an umbilical spot where we were first touched by God. It is this spot of grace that issues peace.” The book is a collection of stories from people whose lives have been deeply affected by a simple act of kindness from another, often a stranger.

Last on my bed stand is Elegy for Iris by John Bayley. The author has written a shining memoir of Iris Murdoch, his wife of forty-two years. She was a philosopher and contemporary writer. Bayley tenderly cared for his wife through the darkness of her descent into Alzheimer’s disease, until her death in 1999.

June Poucher (Jan.’09) adds, “I usually read several books at a time. What I pick up depends on the time of day. (Or night.) I read what I call the ‘heavy’ books in the morning when I am fresh, and lighter reading at night when I want to relax.”

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