thread – mothers, daughters, friends

When bonding with a lasting friend,

one who supports and praises,

I learn she’s read her kindness

from her mother’s loving pages.


Her heart’s at peace; she’s clear

and firm;

her center’s full and blessed.

That’s where her Spirit shines

its light;

it’s where her friends find rest.


In growing up I glean from life,

the need to gladly lend

the kindness to a daughter

I would bestow upon a friend.


When Mother is not present,

My heart’s so like a flame,

I’d press my hand upon its spark

and call upon her name.


If  mother had not been so kind

and  I had not forgiven,

the hand I’d  press upon my breast

calls Mary forth from Heaven.


 Gail (Nov-Dec. ’08) says, “So many women I have encountered have not forgiven their mothers, and consequently repeat– unwittingly– her selfsame behavior. I speak from personal experience. Interestingly, I’ve found that the way a daughter responds to her mother, is the same way she interacts with her women friends.”


* a poem from the Jan 2009 edition of Ninepatch *

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