thread – nurse ashley (and others)

Written for the nurses of St. Vincent Hospital

Who cared for my wife, Pat Altman, along with

            A full house of patients. Thank you for caring.


Nurse Ashley with smile so bright

You really helped me through the



I know I was demanding and in pain

And I kept calling you again and



But you were patient and kind

You didn’t even seem to mind —


And I probably forgot your name

But you cared for me just the same.


You were probably a lot of nurses

Hovering over pain caused curses.


While I fought to rise out of the


With it’s side affect of short term



And if I was not nice

Please follow this advice:


Know that it wasn’t me

But the pain attacking thee —


And know that I thank you with all

my heart

For caring for me, and each doing

your part.


Simon Stargazer III (Jan.’09) adds, “Nurses under-stand, but like all of us, some-times forget, that it is not you that is complaining, it is the pain speaking through you.”


 * a poem from the Feb 2009 edition of Ninepatch *

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