thread – punxsutawney phill predicts again

The shadow knows, or  so they say.

We find out on Ground Hog’s Day.

This furry creature has long been around,

burrowing from his hole to peer above ground.


In Roman times back 2000 years,

They sited hedgehogs when full moon appeared.

They called it Festival of February.

Everyone partied and made merry.


In present times here in The States

We look for groundhogs without mates.

If he sees his shadow, he gets jeers,

and if he doesn’t, he gets cheers.


At other times throughout the seasons

we frown on him for many reasons.

He chews the roots out of the garden;

This heinous crime we cannot pardon.


At other times he tunnels our lawn

and wreaks his havoc from dark to dawn.

His annual fame goes back to Rome;

we wish that we could send him home!


Gail (Jan..09) says, “I had fun researching Groundhogs’ Day when I worked for the retirement community in Grand Rapids. After an activity of talking about it with community members, I wrote this poem.”



* a poem from the Feb 2009 edition of Ninepatch *

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