thread – phantom pain

Phantom pain

Is in the brain


I know it sounds really dumb

But that’s where it comes from


This is what it’s gotta’ see:

It thinks the leg’s still on me


So now I gotta’ retrain

My stubborn brain


I gotta’ convince it the leg is gone

So, with my life, I can get back on


Simon Stargazer III (Sept.’08) says, “Pat does still suffer from the attack of the phantom.  He (The phantom) has tied tourniquets around her foot and around her leg just above the knee.


He keeps it there all the time, and sometimes tightens it. Sometimes her phantom foot itches mercilessly and there is no scratching it.  Makes me think of the phrase I read somewhere: I have no mouth and I must scream! 



 * a poem from the Nov/Dec 2008 edition of Ninepatch *

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