around the frame mar 2009

Frances –

            Your February BUS RIDE installment was wonderful! One more hanging thread on the journey, I see — you leave me panting for more!

I’ve been doing lots of reading. One is a paperback version of Man and His Symbols edited by C.G. Jung.( I purchased on Amazon after they insisted on sending me

a $5 gift certificate.)  I’m also finding Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss is fascinating reading — her religion and archetype comments make a lot of sense to me.

             In your e-introduction/ reflection, you mention the spring color show we are begin-ning to see.  I am always cheered by the intense hues of the azaleas and the gentle blossoms of dogwoods.




Liz/Moscar ( Feb. ’09 adds, “Before they began their migration in the middle of February,  I  bundled up ( We’d been having a freeze here in Northern Florida.) for one last look at the fabulous cranes out on the prairie before they headed north. About a week later, I heard them honk-clattering as a cloud of them flew over. What an event!”



Dear Frances,

            In response to your observation, I do think my husband and my younger daughter, Molly, are alike in many ways.   For one thing, they are still both sleeping all day again. On my day off last week my husband told me he had “a headache…” Today he says, “I think I am coming down with something…” Whatever the reason is, on my day off he is always sleeping.

I try to stay busy and just ignore him. I read — my daughter gave me a Bible study book, Commitment- My Heart-Christ’s Home by Robert Boyd-Munger I am starting it today. Next I plan to read, A Time to Mend by Sally John and Gary Smalley.

            I have tried to help my husband and daughter get some of the work on the basement done by suggesting they work on just one thing at a time. Well, they thought that was a good idea and started on “a computer room.”  First they couldn’t find all the cords for the machine. Then there were problems putting in the heating duct into that room. They needed more parts — but no money!  They gave up.

            I work at being happy. And I keep on praying.           

God bless.

            Love and Prayers,



            LindaSue (Feb.’09) adds, “My troublesome daughter Anita still calls me every day. She says she has everything she needs.  Now she complains, ‘I am lonely.’”




You wondered how I am going about my present discernment. I have had several offers. Each time I have prayed about them and sought advice from my support group of four Sisters who will be honest with me and also challenge me. I have also consulted with others whose counsel I trust. Each time I have decided “no.” 

There are two other positions out there that I have not yet interviewed for. I’m not sure they will be appropriate. I will wait and see if I am called in. Does that answer your question? 

I’m not running to any offer, and have decided that my new ministry must meet certain criteria — the most important to me is that I be able to live with others in community. 

Pray that the right thing opens up for me. 




 Patience (Feb.’09) adds, “It takes time when looking for a position in the parish. Something will happen, I know it.”



Dear Frances,

No, I’m not a grandmother yet, although my daughter’s anxious to have the baby out to be sure. She’s got an appointment to be checked so guess we’ll know more soon.

As for buying the house, we are set to close in three days. Things were rolling along fairly well until my present landlord decided to be a jerk and try to over-charge me.

Now, I’m caught between him and the housing organization fighting against having to put out an extra month of rent.  I planned on that money to buy appliances and help with expenses of the move.  I’ll see what happens.

       I am neck deep in packing. Have to go start another box!

Take care,

Love Lynn


Lynn TROR (Jan.’09) adds, “MOVING in six days! HELP!?!”



Dear Frances,

Thank you so much for your e-mail support. It really gives me a wonderful feeling that there is someone out in ‘Gator country that cares enough to perk me up.

Uncle Jerry is in rehab for urinary problems, but in better spirits then I expected. I try to be at the rehab as much as I can, but I have been sick so I’ve been staying at home.

Luckily, I recuperated fast. I just went to bed rather early and ate well. (Lots of chicken soup and vegetables!) The pharmacist advised drinking ginger ale for settling my stomach and indeed, it worked!

I am still a bit tired but it is more mental anguish over Uncle Jerry. He doesn’t speak up. He calls me instead. Then I write a letter with a copy to the lawyer.  

I’ve had to put my life on hold: my writing, my bankruptcy, all long-range items moved to the back burner. First things first!

Again, thank you for writing.

As always warm greetings!



 Lotte (Oct. ‘09) adds, “Uncle Jerry wishes he could be at home and here with me at the computer. Next week, I’ll take my computer to the rehab.  I am paying for the wireless connection, I might as well take advantage of it!”





            Your past and your future are connected…



James (Feb.’09) adds,“…They reside in the same person.”

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