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My second camping trip was to Virginia.  The drive south down I- 29 was beautiful.  It’s a two lane divided highway that goes thru small towns and farm-lands.  Still spring, the Bradford Pear trees were blossoming with pink flowers and the dogwood were white with delicate blooms. 

My friend, Teresa, and I drove about three hours. It was just after noon when we arrived in Lynchburg, the second camper in line to enter the park for its first open weekend. We picked a spot on top of a hill surrounded by a pasture full of cows grazing and occasionally mooing, “Hello.”   

Our pastoral happiness faded when rangers came by to say we had to move. (Oh, how disappointing.)   We reluctantly unhooked the water, sewer hose and electric cord and moved a few spots away.  The camper was not level at first so we found a large flat rock and put it in front of the wheels. I drove the RV forward on top of the rock hoping to level us out.  (Hoo-ray!)

Teresa and I hooked everything up again, then moved a picnic table near the camper.

We pulled out lawn chairs and set them near the campfire pit to relax and wait for my daughter who was to join us after work.  She arrived before dark and I fixed a fire for supper: hamburgers on the grill.

The next morning my daughter got up early to go back to work part of the day.  After breakfast, Teresa and I sat at the table visiting when our neighbor stopped over to talk about her travels.  She said she had traveled as a single for six and a half years.  She encouraged me to find and join singles camping groups, for support and companionship.  (I do want to do that.) She said she would get me some information. 

When my daughter returned, we went for a walk. That night, I made supper on the grill again: hot dogs, beans and chips.  (How much more campy can you get?) 

          Sunday afternoon my daughter, and Teresa found lounge chairs to sit and take in the sun.  Not me. I went to the air – conditioned pavilion to read and stay cool. Later, we turned on the air conditioner in the RV. (It worked!) When supper time came we decided to have pizza — on the grill, of course.           Monday, my daughter got up early and went to work. Teresa and I cleaned up the campsite and drove back to Charlottesville.


Diana (June ’09) adds, “Over all those days, there was just one challenge: a water leak. Luckily, I saw it and quickly turned off the water. I had extra water in jugs and bottled water to drink, so we were fine.”



     Last Thursday afternoon, as I was leaving the supermarket, I noticed a lady with a cane who was struggling with an electric shopping cart.  I stopped and asked if I could help her.    

She said some of the carts have a defective steering gear and she wanted one that worked.    She thanked me for the offer to help, but said her husband is parking the car and would be right in. All I actually did was  make an offer of assistance, but as I left the parking lot I had a feeling of being rewarded.

      The next Sunday my lady friend and I went to a dance celebrating Mothers’ Day. They held a drawing for a bouquet of roses in a vase and they pulled out my number!  As I was carrying the bouquet back to our table, I motioned my girlfriend to stand up and receive the roses. She did, I kissed her, gave her the roses and everyone applauded. 

     Again, I noticed the energy of my good deed had come back to me. 


 Le (May ’09) adds, “I am busy packing, before a long circuitous trip to South Dakota where I’ll spend the rest of 2009.”

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