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            Although I have recently read more than three books, the following are worthy of mention.

Atonement by Ian McEwan is a novel which begins in 1935. The title tells the story of a thirteen- year-old girl who witnesses a private moment that affects her whole life and that of others. The writer’s style is reminiscent of Henry James, in that it contains a burden of details.

             Eastwood   by Robert Tanitch, is a film biography. It contains critical reviews of each of Clint Eastwood’s movies dating from the 1950’s. It was fun to look back at his old mo-vies and read the behind- the- scenes stories and see how his talent matured.

Run with the Horsemen is a novel by Ferrol Sams. It is the story of a ten-year-old Georgia farm boy growing up in the Great Depression. Sams writes with a warm human style that is delightful to read.


June Poucher (June ’09)adds, “I usually read two or three books at a time, which allows me to ‘change gears’  to suit my mood.”




      Clive Cussler never fails to keep me hooked with his books and in Polar Shift, I find yet another riveting plot. 

A group of anarchists, led by billionaire Tristan Margrave, has a plan to use a top secret mathematical formula devised by a Hungarian scientist to build a

machine that alters the electro-magnetic composition of the earth’s atmosphere and send a message to the richest countries in the world by temporarily causing unstable weather patterns.  Unfortunately, they fail to realize that their machine is capable of causing permanent damage through a geologic polar shift that would bring about a global Armageddon. 

         NUMA ocean researcher, Kurt Austin and his partner Joe Zavala, along with colleagues Paul and Gamay Trout, stumble onto this plot by accident when

Kurt is rescued by Margrave’s right hand man, Spider Barrett, a genius with a degree from MIT. 

In the end Spider Barrett realizes the mistake that he made in working with Margrave, and after trying to back out on the plan, he is nearly killed.

After escaping, he teams with Kurt Austin and assistants, who by this time have located the daughter of the Hungarian Scientist.  When they realize Margrave has gone ahead and launched his ultimate plan to stir up chaos, there is a mad dash by Austin and his team to try and find an antidote for the polar shift. Just when it seems they are too late, Austin comes up with a solution.

 Clive Cussler’s novels combine the right mix of adventure, suspense, and romance. Through his fluid writing style, a reader finds himself sitting in the same room with Kurt Austin as he is working his charm with a girl or putting together a plan to escape the grasp of his nemesis. (Continued on the next page.)

 Bookworm (Apr.’09) adds, “I found so many exciting twists in this plot that I could hardly bear to put this book down.”

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