In comes and in goes.

What’s important is the word

it’s attached to.

And that important word is dependent.


We start out completely dependent

The in is no where in sight

It must be earned.


We grow,

We are nurtured,

We rely on parents.


Suddenly the in we

so desperately seek

becomes attached to

the dependent we’ve had

 and we fly on wings of newly

  found freedom.


As we grow further,

we find we want another

kind of dependent —

the kind that happens when love



And we grow again

in a new relationship

called marriage.

But  in returns: as an independent

Couple, a family in society.


And we have children, now

dependent on us

while we are still an independent



Time passes: sometimes slowly,

sometimes quickly.

And through aging,

disease or accident

our in separates from dependent.

 And, the cycle of life

becomes complete.


It’s natural and one hopes

to accept  the new in

as gracefully as possible.


We were helped,

have helped,

And now,

we are helped.


            Simon Stargazer (June’09) adds, “I’ve had many ins and outs in my life, significant of which were when I was adopted by my aunt and uncle and became dependent on them, and later when I attended boarding school and college away from home where I learned independence.  But It just occurred to me, as I recuperate from attending my 50th High School Reunion last week, just how much my life has been interwoven with those of my class mates, and subsequent others as I’ve lived the intervening years.  How wonderful!”


* a poem from the July 2009 edition of Ninepatch *

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