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Okay, who said it could be August already?!

Seems I’ve been so caught up in the new house and my new grandchild that I’ve lost touch with time and all my plans to for this site. But, as Frances often advises, I’ve been trying to take a little time for me lately.

Actually, there wasn’t much choice in it because I was still caught up in the ‘just moved’ rush – since before Christmas – and my body finally said ‘enough!’ My friends are saying ‘relax’. And my doctor’s saying ‘hypertension’. Sigh.

One good thing I’m doing for myself though is I’ve finally let myself check out acupuncture, which is something I’ve always been curious about, and Dr. Sally is helping me get my body back into balance. In fact, we’re starting with a shoulder that’s caused me years of pain and in only 3 short weeks I’ve been amazed to find I’m almost pain (and pain killer) free! It’s also working out very nicely because I now look forward to spending 2 hours a week meditating while I’m being treated and by the time I leave her office I feel fantastic and energized!

Anyways, rather than getting into that, what I should do is to let you all know that I haven’t forgotten the suggestions and input you’ve all so kindly given on the site and to assure you that as time allows, I’ll be working to implement them. Mean time, I hope the summer is treating you all well : )

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  • CaT

    Just wanted to give a shout out to NinePatch…Happy Anniversary!!!
    I’ve been reading ninepatch since shared with me in 1999 and a devoted reader and contributor since 2000/2001 year. The other readers and contributors have supported me during bad times and good. It’s a joy to see how others feel about everything. Ninepatch is emotions in print…luv you all! CaT

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