mth nov/dec 2009 – get to know me

Our Question of the Month for this issue was, “People say I look like…”

            Georgene (Sept.’09) writes, (People say  I look like) “Sophia Loren.  When I was young I had big eyes, dark hair and full lips. Those comments are nice memories.  And I have hopes for myself since I notice Sophia has aged well!

            However, I feel I should also mention that when I was a kid, I was hairy.  My dad bought my mom a bikini (which she would not wear) so I tried it on. My brothers said I looked like  Gentle Ben – a far cry from Sophia Loren!


June Poucher  (Oct.’09) says, “People say I look like my mother. She was a beautiful woman but I did not want to look like her or to be like her. We were not close.

            One day some months ago, as I sat in the hospital lobby waiting for my lab work, an old high school friend came in. She stopped when she saw me and said, “You look just like your mother.”

             Apparently she saw from my reaction that I was not pleased. She quickly added, “I meant that as a compliment!”

            As I get older, when I look in the mirror, I can see that I do look more and more like my mother. After struggling with old memories, I am working on forgiving her and avoiding the flaws I saw in her.

I am trying to focus on her good qualities and the valuable things she taught me.


            The question for our   January 2010 issue is, “The most surprising gift I ever received is…”

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