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Dear Frances –

I am so sad after reading my Oct.’09 Ninepatch. The story that stands out is the avalanche story by Lotte, “One Hour of Marital Bliss.” I didn’t anticipate that ending. I am overwhelmed by sorrow.

You asked for my thoughts on your bus ride journey.  I see it as part of the great tradition of voyage stories: Huck Finn, On the Road and The African Queen.  Yours is a journey both physical and metaphysical. There is something about being in transit that enables me to step back and view life from a different perspective.

       OK. I’ve been writing at my tutoring job because my tutoree

stood me up, but I need to go on and attempt to structure my thoughts about media education class once again.

            Hugs, Liz

 Liz/Moscar (Oct.’09) adds, “I loved  your simile about your thoughts being like refrigerated Hershey’s syrup. I can relate!”


Dear Frances,

        Hello! How are you? It was nice chatting with you on the phone the other day.

        You asked how my counseling group works.  Everyone takes a turn to talk and others listen. Members of the group are allowed to talk to the speaker. They can ask questions. A per-son is in charge of the group. He also asks questions and makes comments. It’s OK, but I am looking forward to the time I can return to my one-on-one sessions with the counselor.

        So you saw my house. Yes it is cute, but sometimes I hate it. It doesn’t feel like mine with the kids living downstairs and my husband home all day. I feel like I am just making the house payments on it!

        I did pick out the flooring in the dining room and kitchen. I wanted hardwood floors in the living room, but the carpeting is OK. It looks nice. Having a neat and nice house helps me feel good.

        I have been working a lot of hours lately. Today I finally have a day off!  Now I can do a few of the things I enjoy — like writing a letter to you!

        Thanks for listening and thanks for your support. God bless you!

        Love and prayers,


LindaSue (Oct. ’09) says, “I am reading books by B.J. Hoff. Right now I am reading The Song Weaver. When I go back to the library, I will look for the Amish books you mentioned by Wanda Brunstetter.”     


 Hi Fritzie!

             Thinking about you today.  It is raining here.  Really nice.  I love the smell of rain. When it stops, I want to put the patio furniture away. 

            I am reading a book you might like : Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin. The story tells how the two authors brought schools to Afghanistan and Pakistan. So far I am really enjoying it. 

Another book I read and really liked was Tony Dungy’s new one, Quiet Strength, The Principles, Practices and Priorities of a Winning Life.  He is such a special person.  When we lived in Florida and he was coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, I remember you said he was the only football personality you admired. 

            Hope all is well with you my friend.  The cats are doing fine. My “farmer” husband and I are well. The garden is finished.  We really enjoyed it again this year.  I have the last of my tomatos in the fridge.

            Talk to you later.



      Patricia (Aug.’09) adds, “For some reason, I haven’t been reading as much lately.” 


Hey Frances,

Sorry it’s taken me a while to get back to you. You say you are having a hard time keeping up. I think I understand what you mean — taking care of others and commitments while still finding time for yourself can be a heck of a challenge. Sometimes I’ve got to weed out a few activities to make room to breathe. I wish you luck in making those choices and pray you find your equilibrium soon.

As for me, things are busy, as always. I’ve had to stop with the doctors and acupuncture. It was all getting a bit too much to keep up with. Luckily, my health seems relatively stable now.

My daughter decided to take her baby and move to the next town over.  I’m preparing for that, and the necessity of taking a roommate to help pay the bills. However upsetting both events will be, I’m sure both will be beneficial. 

I have also been working an unbelievably early shift and am back to ten hour days. Today, I booked time off for the holidays. It’s time to face the fact winter’s near.

Otherwise, things are good — cold but good!

I’ll chat again soon,



 LynnTROR (Apr. ’09) adds, “I have a roommate in mind and we were supposed to get together to talk today but she was a ‘no call/no show.’ Disappointing.  I figure she was exhausted from working two jobs. Really hoping we can come to an agreement. I think I’ll learn a lot from her.”  


 Hi Frances,  

Our canoe trip this year– like the previous ones– was a lot of fun. As we four guys were slowly paddling down the river (very slowly) we heard dogs barking.   Presently a black bear came crashing out of the woods and proceeded to swim across the river in front of us!   There were four hunting dogs chasing him, three of which swam after the bear.  The fourth must have been afraid of water as he tried to enter the river, but then backed up, tried a few more times, then gave up. 

            We also ran into a bunch of fifteen or twenty young gals tubing down the river who  joined us at our campsite along the river. 

As one young gal we met and partied with said, “It was a blast.”

            Much fun!  


Le (Aug. ’09) adds, “Yup! I’ll be heading back to Florida  in late 2009. Seems like the ride gets longer every year, but the south and warm weather annually beckon.” Editor’s Note: You’ll read more of Le’s canoeing adventures in Jan. 2010!


Hi there,

I have been busy traveling. I went to New Mexico — a nice trip for once. However, my visit with my mom to home state, Michigan, was good, too. Now I am back to work and am doing well. 

The day after Thanksgiving, I am having a BIG garage sale. I love putting on that annual event! It is also an income boost for the holidays. I hope the weather is good.

I am also working at getting things done around the house — again — pretty serious about it, too.  Just a few more boxes to clean out and my life should be tidy and organized. I need to feel calm, clear and settled. 

Once I pay a few bills, I will purchase a car. I’m looking for-ward to that. It will pretty much signify the end of my chapter on ‘the -ex.’ Then I can drive past it all.

Maybe that sounds crazy, but it’s a kind of mourning process, a healthy one. 

I feel good about it all.


 Jodi (Sept.’09) adds, “Fritzie told me about receiving an African violet as a gift.  Here’s a little secret. My plant lost its flowers a while a go and I look every day for new ones. None yet, but winter is coming. I give it special drops I bought. Maybe I should move it, but I hate to. They are so sensitive.  Like us … you know.”


Hello Francesca,

Since I’ve had so many issues with Twelve Step work, I sought out a therapist who is

familiar with the program. She would like me to work on my co-dependency issues. (I seem to recall that you told me a little about that.)  I’ve been reading up on it. What really grabbed me is that dysfunctional families often look completely normal from the outside.

Authors she recommended are Black, Bradshaw and Subby. My library system is pathetically weak on these writers.


 Elaine (Oct. ’09) says, “After talking to my therapist, I felt as if   I got permission to feel the way I already felt!”


Ideas are only fantasy until fruition.


        James (Oct.’09) continues, “Then they become reality.”


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