past tense

So, I there I was driving to work and hoping to heck I’d make it through the shift without a hitch. ‘Make it go by quickly,’ I prayed, but then I realized that that shift wasn’t all I had to worry about. After all, we’d just gotten news that our department was being downsized and then there was my health, and the holidays…

‘Please, give me the strength to get through this…?’ I thought, dreading the months ahead.

Even as I willed my prayer to be herd, though, I realized I was going about things the wrong way.

Okay! I know! I thought, remembering what ‘The Secret’ tells us about this type of thought pattern. It tells us that every time we dread a ‘bad’ things, we set the forces in motion to bring ‘bad’ things into our lives. Bills, accidents, troubles… thinking about them makes them happen.

So, I cleared my mind and started again.

‘My life is about to change in a positive way. I’m going to keep my job. I’m going to find a way to pay off my debts, and everything’s gonna’ work out fine.’ For a moment, I thought I had it.

Then I remembered what else ‘The Secret’ had to say about positive visualizations. Visualizing what we want in the future means that it’ll always be in the future. It means that we’ll always be looking forward to it but not experiencing it. Instead, according to ‘The Secret’, what we need to do is to visualize ourselves living the life we want to live and feeling just as we would if it were real. Then, those emotions – or vibes – of being what we want to be or having what we want to have will bring that desired reality into being in the ‘now’.

Okay, I thought. We try it again.

‘I am debt free,’ I thought. ‘I work on my current program doing what I love. My house is safe and complete and all my bills are paid. I’m rocking the ‘goddess energy’ and my body is healthy and in balance, as are my relationships.’

At first, when I tried to muster the emotions I would feel if these things were so, I had a bit of trouble, but the more I ran those thoughts through my head, the more I felt the stress melt away.

As I drove into the parking lot at work I felt much better, but even as I gathered my things to go inside, necessary considerations about my work day came rushing back in.

Then, I glanced up at the moon shining clearly through the predawn gloom and I was suddenly and elegantly reminded of how insignificant I am. To the moon, I am nothing… a mere speck of life that barely sparks and then fades… while the moon goes on shining brightly. Looking at her, I realized that my worries – my job, my house, my money – were all transient nothings that do little to affect who I am. Tomorrow, I might lose the lot, but I would wake up and still be me. Or not. Either way, there was no use stressing it.

‘Thank you!’ I said to the moon before stepping inside. I needed that ‘reality check’.

Webmaster’s note: Over the next few weeks I know chances are I’ll be beyond ‘stressed’… but I also know that I’ll get through it somehow as I always do. This time, though, I plan to keep visualizing the good life in the ‘present tense’ and trusting the Universe to bless me as it has so many times of late. As we thread our way through these difficult times and into the holiday season, I pray that you may be blessed too <|: )

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