lucky day

Traditionally, we tend to think of Friday the 13th as an ‘unlucky’ day, but I’m feeling pretty lucky and it might have something to do with this message  from the Universe

Now let me get this straight, Tror: You want things that you don’t have, people in your life you don’t yet know, and events that haven’t yet occurred, so that once these “things” come to pass you’ll feel happy and like one bad mamma jama, a beautiful sight to see?

But… wasn’t that your rationale for all the other stuff you wanted, that you now have?


The Universe

Well… now that you mention it… I guess so.

I mean, back when I was still with my husband and kicking a dead horse of a relationship, all I really wanted was to be loved and if I couldn’t have that, to be free.

Then, once I’d left him, I figured what I wanted most was my own little apartment, the ability to make my own decisions, some financial stability, and a divorce. In time, I got those, but by then what I really wanted was a better car, a better job, and maybe a social life.

Eventually, they were mine, but then my daughter announced she was pregnant and I figured I needed to get out of low-rent housing and to move closer to work. If I could just find some way to help her through having the baby, I said, I’d be happy. 

Well, it wasn’t easy, but with the help of good friends, hard work, and the Universe, I met those goals. But, no sooner had I accomplished them, than I was saying ‘what I really want…’

Now, when I come home from a job I like… in a car I bought… to a house I own… and play with my new granddaughter… or hang our with my friends… I still find myself saying ‘what I really want…’ and ‘if I could just have this… or that… I’d be happy.’

Truth is, though, that if I look at my life I already have so many things that make me ‘happy’. If I were to stop and take a moment to look around I’d discover that the Universe has blessed me by answering the prayers I said yesterday and making them part of my life today.

Maybe the next time I’m tempted to say ‘what I really want’ I should, instead, take a moment to say ‘thank you’ to the Universe for what I’ve already got. Maybe I should acknowledge the hard work I’ve put into getting it too. And maybe, rather than worrying about ‘bad’ luck, I should remember that it’s often the hard times and unexpected twists in life that lead to the greatest ‘good’.

No, I won’t call myself a “bad mamma jama beautiful sight to see”… but I do feel pretty lucky!   

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