A funny thing happened at the doctor’s recently that I wanted to share…

I went in because of ‘hypertension’, which led to talk of ‘smoking cessation’, and then the doctor surprised me by suggesting ‘hypnosis’. ‘Wow! Sign me up!’

Of course, I talked to friends later and was surprised by how negative they were on the topic. After all, beyond pocket watch toting entertainers, there were enough medical practitioners that’d used hypnosis therapeutically to indicate it had value, and I’d always believed in ‘mind over matter’. So, I went into my session with a curious, positive attitude.

On the big day, the doctor explained what we’d be doing. ‘I want you to relax,’ he said, indicating an armchair they’d squeezed into the small office, ‘and visualize what I tell you…’

‘You mean ‘guided meditation…?’ I surmised, and when he said ‘exactly’, I figured that’d lead up to the ‘hypnosis’. After visualizing our way through a series of mental exercises much like I’d practiced for years, however, I was still fully conscious and waiting for the ‘good stuff’ (?)

Wrapping it up, the doctor asked how long I figured we’d been at it and I said it’d seemed like a few minutes but that I imagined it’d been about an hour. ‘Right,’ he grinned, as though letting me in on some big secret. ‘It’s probably different for you because you’ve meditated, but some come out of hypnosis and have no recollection at all!’

‘Lucky them,’ I thought, as I thanked him for the ‘head trip’ and left.

I guess what it comes down to is that I wanted not to remember. I thought hypnosis’d be like ‘going under’ with laughing gas… so you’re just conscious enough to communicate but have no conscious recollection of the event. And, I guess that like the doctor suggested, it might be different for some than it was for others. If only I weren’t in the habit of meditating…!

As I followed the snaking road home, though, I realized with all I’d gone through in the past year or so I’d fallen out of that ‘habit…’ And that’s about the time I realized I was dab-smack in the middle of yet another of life’s little lessons.

You see, weeks prior when we’d met for an initial consultation, I’d asked him if he offered any other hypnosis services for weight loss and the like. Rather than answer directly, though, he’d chuckled and said I wouldn’t need that because I’d have the tools to do things on my own. Now, I saw clearly that I’d had them all along.

I knew how to meditate with or without a guide. I’d used meditation for introspection, to retrain my thought processes, as a drug free way to deal with insomnia, and as a management tool for pain and stress. In fact, the only thing keeping me from benefiting ‘now’ was my own choice.

So, I’m still a little disappointed but I’ll just keep my eyes open for another chance to try ‘hypnosis’ and see if I get different results next time. In the mean time, it wasn’t a wasted trip because I figured out that it’s time for me to quit ‘talking’ and start ‘doing’ again and I was reminded that, if I really believe in ‘mind over matter’, I should put mine to use!

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