This ongoing column will feature readers’ response to our 2009 game. It is from Kokology, The Game of Self-Discovery by Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito and appeared in our Nov.-Dec. issue.

Readers were asked to visualize themselves as children again, quietly blowing soap bubbles with a plastic wand. Once they made their mental pictures, authors provided four choices:



1) bubbles float high, 2) hundreds of tiny bubbles,  3) a single huge bubble, and 4) bubbles are carried behind you on the wind.

  Palma (May ‘09) writes, “When I think of blowing bubbles, I see them going all directions. They are big and small and many different colors shining in the sun. They dance in the wind.” 

I did the exercise without looking at the answers. Authors provide possible meanings for each set of bubbles, but my picture doesn’t seem to fit so their suggestions don’t, either.  I’d say my bubbles mean I have many dreams and have attained them large and small.”


Editor’s Note: We are still collecting bubble drawings and/or comments and will use at least one every month –more when there is space.

* from the jan 2010 managing the house files *

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