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Our Question of the Month for this issue was, “The most surprising gift I ever received is…”

            Louise (Oct.’09)says, “It was 1948 and I was twelve years old when a truck delivered a brand new blue bike for me and a red one for my sister, Ruth.  Our parents called us out front to watch as the driver opened the back of the truck and brought out the bikes.  We couldn’t believe our eyes.

We had been longing for bikes. The five-dollar “Victory” bike we had been sharing was neither a thing of beauty nor dependable.   There was not money for new bikes — hardly  enough for even basics. 

Our step-father had gotten a job in a downtown department store called, Sibleys. It was their delivery truck that brought this wonderful surprise. I never found out how this unbelievable gift became real, but I’ve often thought how excited our parents must have been watching our delight.   


Christa (Sept.’09) comments, “The most surprising gift I ever received was my daughter, who was an unexpected gift for Valentine’s Day. My husband and I don’t usually do much for the holidays because money is almost always a little tight and we try to do small loving things for one an-other throughout the year. This past Valentine’s Day, I was pregnant (due on March 28th)

and all we had planned was a dinner in featuring my husband’s homemade Alfredo sauce with chocolates from one of those Valentine’s heart boxes for dessert.

However, on the day before February fourteenth, I was admitted to the hospital with labor contractions, but everyone from the nurses to the midwives to the obstetricians was convinced that I wouldn’t be having my baby any time soon. They sent me home on Valentine’s Day morning.

Even though I was pre-scribed bed rest, we made a quick stop at the grocery for Alfredo sauce supplies since there was no reason not to have our special dinner. But only a few hours after we returned home, my contractions returned with a vengeance. Back to the hospital we went. Just a couple of hours later, my daughter was born.

We didn’t have our Valentine’s Day dinner, but we received a nicer, more surprising gift in the form of a healthy baby.


The question for our February 2010 issue is, “My idea of shopping is…”

* from the jan 2010 managing the house files *

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