Anne Rice and What the Dead Can Teach Us


I have started reading Anne Rice’s books since she stopped with the vampire stuff.   Not

my style. However, she has written a couple books that have Jesus as the story teller.

Rice was raised Catholic, then in her adult years turned to atheism before recently turning

back to Christ and the church.  Her books are fiction but written from a lot of research. 

She also wrote a book after she returned to the church about her walk in “darkness” and return to “light.”  The name of the book is, Called Out of Darkness. 

I remember seeing pictures of her a few years ago and thought how pretty she was.   Now since she has embraced Christ again, her appearance is really different.  She is still pretty, but also peaceful.


Patricia (Nov.-Dec. ’09) adds, “Anne also had a new book due in the stores the end of October ‘09.”




What the Dead Can Teach Us

About Life

This book was written by James Van Praagh. He is the author of Ghosts Among Us and other books about his experience as a medium. Among other projects he is also the co-executive producer of the highly rated CBS series, “Ghost Whisperer” which stars Jennifer Love Hewitt.

            In Unfinished Business Van Praagh focuses on the communication of the spirits who have crossed over and want to bring messages to their loved ones. These spirits tell stories of the unfinished business they left behind with the emotional baggage of fear, guilt and regret.

            The author leads his readers through steps to resolve our old issues, make amends and bring closure now during our current lives. After crossing over, spirits are anxious to share their new-found knowledge with the living. He writes: “When people shed their physical bodies at death, their spiritual selves see life from a whole new perspective. It’s as if they had Lasik eye surgery. They can finally take off their glasses and see everything clearly.”


June Poucher (Oct.’09) adds, “Like Van Praagh’s other books I have read, this one is captivating.”    


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