GET TO KNOW ME – mth feb 2010

Our Question of the Month for this issue was, “My idea of shopping is…”

Liz/Moscar (See her letter this issue.) says, “The annual clearance sale at whatever happens to be my special clothing store is my favorite shopping. Now my fav is Jams World” but it used to be Java Wraps. When I lived in St. Thomas, I used to wear their batiked clothes in rich colors and floaty styles. It was great to find clothes for five dollars during their sale! I loved the ones with shiny threads woven into them. Bright, shiny, floral clothes. Mmm. Heaven!
I have a pair of predominantly red and green batik de-signed pants. Recently when I was wearing them an acquaintance asked if they were Java Wraps. I replied “No.”
She asked, “Do you know what Java Wraps are?”
Turns out she stayed in Saint Croix during the same time
period I was living in St. Thomas. Now we are both in much colder North Florida and
She’s going to school here, too. Small world.

Our next question is: “The bravest thing I ever did was…”

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