BUBBLES! – mth feb 2010

Here’s our second in a series of comments featuring readers’ responses to our 2009 game. It appears in Nov.-Dec.’09 and was from Kokology, The Game of Self-Discovery by Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito.
Readers were asked to visualize themselves as children again, quietly blowing soap bubbles with a plastic wand. Once mental pictures were made — or drawn, authors provided four choices for the images: 1) bubbles float high, 2) hundreds of tiny bubbles, 3) a single huge bubble and, 4) bubbles are carried behind you on the wind.
The authors also provide suggestions for one’s pictures. For many bubbles that float high and away they say, “…You see your own dreams as elusive and unattainable…whatever the (reason) may be, the gap between your dreams and reality is wide…”
Like Palma, who shared her bubbles last month, Jane does not agree with the authors about the meaning of her image.
Jane (Sept. ’09) tells about her bubbles, “ I am outdoors. The sun is shining and bright. There are a few clouds in the sky. I blow some bubbles and they float away. Higher and higher they go in all directions. Like me, they like new experiences. Like me, they like to look at things from different perspectives. Like me, they reach a point where they will settle — or burst. But, this is not a negative thing. It is a completion of a journey to be enjoyed before a new journey begins.
John (Mar.’99) also played our game. Like Jane, his many bubbles flew up in the air. He commented, “I made the bubbles fly away. It was easy to draw.”

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