poetry to eat


Today we’re going to eat our words.

We like nouns better than verbs:

nouns like candy, cakes and shakes,

chocolate squares, or cookie bakes,

ice cream cones and scones

and more,

tortes and tarts and breads galore,

donuts, Danish, delicious dips –

we like to smack our lips on chips.


When we are hungry for bananas,

We’d leave Savannah for Montana.

Sometimes we’ll do

some fancy kickin’

to taste some finger-lickin’ chicken.

If we are tickled for a pickle,

we’ll give you more than just a


We roll our eyes up to the skies

at the thought of apple pies.


This is our menu for today.

Bring on the words, we’ll be okay!


                Gail (Nov.-Dec. ’09) says, “This is a poem that I wrote as a result of a poetry writing group at the assisted living facility where I worked several years ago. It’s always pleasant to talk about food. Someone can always add a little something to a poem like this.”

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