full circle

Roly, poly,

Small and fat,

Pat a-cake, pat-a- cake,



Babykins, Babykins,

I love you,

Ring around the Rosey,

Goochy, goochy goo.

Little girl, little boy,

Where will you go?

A quick trip to Disney,

Then on with the show.


Old woman, old woman,

Rocking in her chair,

Thinking of her children

And plaiting her hair.


Where have they gone,

Those sweet little fat ones?


A phone call on Fridays,

A Hallmark on birthdays,

A package for the Lords’ day

And off they go, on their way.


Roly poly,


Ring around the Rosey,

How ‘bout that?

Devora (July ’09) says, “I know they are a little melancholy. I don’t even remember writing them but it must have been around the time I decided I was leaving my husband of seventeen years. I was sad then.”

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