editor’s letter feb 2010

Editor’s Note: Following is a page from my spiritual journal.


            The sun shone brightly the morning JK and I drove to the new Publix grocery’s Grand Opening in a large strip mall. Walking back to the car, we passed a Footworks store. I pointed to a sign in the window behind a display of Converse All-Star tennis shoes. It read, “Sale!  Buy one pair get one half price!” 

“Let’s take a look, I said.

JK nodded, “Ok.”

Less than an hour later, we pushed open the glass doors carrying matching high tops, sizes eleven and seven.  The design we chose, “Star Jumble” was the only one still stocked in both sizes. It was a printed canvas profusion of white, black and gray stars.

At the time, I thought our style choice was accidental.  However, after an experience two days ago I thought, Maybe the design has been waiting for me to really see it.

I was getting ready to put on my shoes the morning my perspective changed. Perched on the edge of a chair, I leaned over, pulled on the Chuck Taylors and double bowed them three holes from the top. As I made the loops, the tri-starred design of white, black and grayish stars jumbled on the sneaks took on new meaning. The design reminded me of my busy life. 

           Typically a juggling act, my days feature reading books, writing letters, cards and stories, meeting with charming people (e-mail and in person) and projects that include Ninepatch.  Like the profusion of stars on my Converse, I can be too busy.  At times I long to stop jumping from white star, to gray star, to black star and sink into one to rest.

Considering rest, I saw the Chuck Taylor insignia, a large black star on a white circle. Like a great star once attracted three wise men to Bethlehem, the haloed dark star looked over the others. 

Like the God of my under-standing, it metaphorically called, “Come rest in me.” I imagined entering it, like a warm dark cave. Inside I found an elevator and rode it down, leaving behind all sound and light. The uninterrupted quiet revived me.

 Once rested, I ride the elevator up and slowly exit the large dark star. Again I have energy for leap-frogging the smaller gray, black and white black stars in my life.

            Whatever the reason, I bought those canvas high tops that sunny day JK and I shopped, from now on they will remind me of my busy life and the large haloed star that looks down on it all.


Frances Fiitzie

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