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 (Conclusion: “My 2009 Canoe Trip”)

From our take out point on the Namekagon River near Spooner Wisconsin, I pointed my Malibu north. It was a three hour drive to my boyhood home. Ironwood, Michigan.

It’s near the Wisconsin border with Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

             For three days I visited my old schoolmates who still live in the area. Kathy, one of my high school classmates, volunteers at the Iron County historical museum in Hurley, Wisconsin, just across the Montreal River from Ironwood. She was showing me around various displays when we entered the “Uniform Room.” Glancing around, I spotted a tan wool WWII Eisenhower Jacket. A note taped to it referred to its owner as “Carl Timann, lucky 100,000th.”

When I was growing up, Carl and his family lived just “over the hill” from us. He worked on our family farm and nursery for many years before and after WWII. 

After that war, Carl was the 100,000th GI to return to the US from Europe — through the port of Boston. According to the write-up, Boston’s mayor and other city officials greeted him and gave him a Key to the City. There was also a downtown parade, an official dinner complete with a female escort, and a room for Carl at a luxury hotel in downtown Boston.

I recalled Carl and wondered how he took all of the hoop-la.  He was quiet, and soft- spoken. Unlike some of our workers, he seldom said anything stronger than, “gosh,” “nuts,” and “durnit.”   All that celebrating may have been the high point of his life.   


            Le (Feb. ‘10) adds, “These days I am visiting Florida where I am giving dance lessons to folks in my mobile home park.” 







            Following is Part I of Lotte DeRoy’s journals during her most recent medical journey with Uncle Jerry.

December 16, 2009

Still full time at school.  Working hard. Uncle Jerry fell in the doctor’s office. His orthopedic surgeon is operating. His femur has been fractured. The doctor is putting in screws, rods and plates but the recuperating time is 12 weeks. On my way soon to look at a rehab where we will be spending 12 weeks.

Canceled all our little trips and dinner for the holidays.

I tell myself: keep the faith. Always a reason why things happen. Probably for me to take it easy and concentrate on other important aspects of my life. Uncle Jerry is a good trooper for eighty-four; he really went through a lot this year.


December 17, 2009

With Uncle Jerry in rehab. Have been reading a lot.  We had so many plans … gone!  Oh well, what can I do?

Took this week off from school.  It will stress me out more if I go back to work.

Yet I have to go back in order to make money.


December 20, 2009

Uncle Jerry’s left kneecap– “rods, screws and plate are perfectly aligned.” Doctor means “fracture/surgery is healing nicely.”  BUT, we had to spend a couple of hours in the ER today.              Uncle Jerry had an allergic reaction. The doctor gave him a steroid and Benadryl. He’s allergic too many things. The other rehab facility messed him up.

Contacted a lawyer and hopefully he is able to file suit. Uncle Jerry has suffered enough and so have I.


December 26, 2010

Uncle Jerry is doing much better. Have to go home and cook every day. He is highly allergic to anything that contains wheat, milk or egg products.

Nurse informed me that the x-ray which was taken of his left leg, the fracture shows it is healing quite nicely. Hopefully, he can start weight bearing exercises soon. It’d be nice if we will be home before his birthday, April 21.

            It must have rained all night, because a lot of snow has melted. I hope the roads aren’t too icy.


        Lotte DeRoy (Jan.’10) adds, “Looking back, I sometimes wonder if I had  left the planet earth!”

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