OUR SPECIAL TOPIC – mth mar 2010


In Nov.-Dec. 2009, Ninepatch included a draw-your-bubble game. This self-discovery exercise came from the book Kokology. Commenting on bubble images, authors Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito wrote, “The shimmering bubbles you blow in your imagination are symbols of your hopes and dreams. The scene you described reveals how you think about dreams you hope someday will come true.”

Featured this month are two people who had an image we’ve not heard discussed: the single bubble.

About making one large  bubble Kokology authors  suggest, “You have a single, all purpose dream or ambition that drives your entire life. Hold on to that desire and keep striving toward your goal. Given time, you’ll see that it’s not so far from your grasp.”

Gil (Nov.-Dec.’09) says, “I’m a big bubble person.”

 And Georgene, (Jan. ‘10) comments, “My bubble represents feeling safe.” She sent us picture of a bubble so big I wonder why it doesn’t burst.

* from the Mar 2010 edition of Ninepatch *

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