Recently, a friend asked me about how many books I read every week. I had to stop and think.  I am not really sure. For one thing, how many volumes I finish varies partly with the type of book I’m reading.

        Right now I am reading Sweat, a short story by Zora Neale Hurston. The bound volume also includes critiques that have been written about her writing. These comments go into a lot of detail about Negro dia-lect and expression.  This is slower reading. In Micanopy, Fl., I found the book when we were visiting near there.  I enjoy reading books set in an area where I am visiting and authors from that area — such as Zora Hurston.

In the last couple of years I have begun to get into stories about and by real people. Recently I read   

Julie Andrews’ memoir: Home: A Memoir of My Early Years.  I also enjoyed, Finding My Voice by Diane Rhem which was more of an autobiography. IN the same vein, last year I read a biography about William Styron called, A Life. It was written by James W. West III.

            At one time I was a fan, but in recent years, I have read very little about spirituality.  Instead, I enjoy books about social justice, such as Half the Sky by Nicholas Kristof. The volume is on my desk, but I have not read it yet.

            I go off in many different directions. The best part is, I never become bored!


Jane (Mar.’10) adds, “Female authors and detective stories appeal to me, but I don’t limit myself to them.  I like to mix in other types of books.”

* from the apr 2010 instructions files *

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