BUBBLES AGAIN! – mth june 2010

Bubbles drawn by JK (Aug.’09) float high, but like Nancyann’s (May ’10) they also lose their buoyancy and drop to earth.

Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito who wrote Kokology, A Game of Self-Discovery, say bubbles one sees in the mind are “…symbols of your hopes and dreams. The scene you described reveals how you think about dreams you hope someday will come true.” About bubbles that rise high, they say, “You see your dreams as elusive and unattainable…”

Of course my own PhD. in this matter is incomplete, but perhaps since these bubbles are also descending, that means the dreams are “coming to earth.”

JK himself observes, “Dreams can be elusive, but therein lies their challenge.”

        Frances Fritzie, Editor

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