MANY BUBBLES – mth july 2010

In April I drove to Sebring, Florida where I lived for several years. There, I met with our Ninepatch Board. While I was visiting, I had dinner with Joan, who lives near there.

That evening June Poucher  (See Monthly Question, above.)  M.Joan (Oct.’09) and I sat at a round wood table in June’s home, eating a chicken casserole recipe that Georgene (Mar.’10) gave me a few years ago. Over dinner we talked of books we’d enjoyed long ago. Joan mentioned The Word by Wallace, and made a note to look it up.  We moved on to new reads and must reads.  

By dessert time, we nibbled pumpkin bread with cold whipped topping and I asked Joan if she had drawn her bubbles yet.

“Bubbles?”  she asked, lifting her eye brows.

I reminded her of the Self-discovery game I’d sent in Nov.-Dec. ’09.

“Oh that.  No. ”

So it was I asked her to imagine herself blowing bubbles.  She closed her eyes.

 “What do you see?”

She replied, “Many bubbles…” 

M. Joan now adds, “I meditated a little on my bubbles and I didn’t get anything… maybe they are leading me to other things I keep asking The Universe to help me with.”

I’m not sure what Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito, authors of Kokology might say. About the bubbles in general they say, “The shimmering bubbles you blow in your imagination are symbols of your hopes and dreams. The scene you described reveals how you think about dreams you hope someday will come true.”


 Editor, Frances

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