GET TO KNOW ME – mth july 2010

        Our Monthly Question for July was, “The last time I cried in front of someone…”

        June Poucher (June ’10) tells the following story. “The last time I cried in front of another person was at a Twelve Step meeting for adult children of alcoholics. The subject was forgiveness and I thought im-mediately of my late mother.

We were never close. My sister, and only sibling, was always my mother’s favorite. After my sister’s death, my mother became a martyr to her memory.

            At that ACA meeting, I began to share with the group an experience that occurred many years ago but still hurts to my core.

        My phone rang and when I answered it, I did not recognize the woman’s voice.

      “Is Zelma Collins there?”

      “No, she doesn’t live here.”

      “She gave me this number to call.”  She hesitated and then asked, “And who are you?”

      “I’m her daughter.”

      “Oh, no, honey. Her daughter is dead.” (Pause.) “Oh.” (Pause.) “You’re the OTHER one.”

        It was not hard to guess what my mother’s conversation and demeanor had been with her friend. Although Mother professed to love me, her attitude and behavior belied her words.

I am still working on forgiveness.”


 Next month’s question:  “The ingredients of a good movie are:…”

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