GET TO KNOW YOU – mth aug 2010

Our Monthly Question for August was, “The ingredients of a good movie are…”


June Poucher (July ’10) responded to this question saying, “Three ingredients make a good movie. First, I like a good story. The story should have warmth and humor, and perhaps, tragedy too.


Such a human interest tale doesn’t need car crashes, guns and graphics to touch the better human emotions. Second, good actors are essential, but third, and most important to me is to leave the theater feeling better; uplifted and inspired.”


Georgene (Mar.’10) says, “My husband and I watch up to three movies a week — rarely at the theatre– and mostly by way of online rentals. We like drama and mysteries best. The ingredients of a good movie in these genre are storyline, actor chemistry, and a twist.  There are only so many themes so a good movie has to draw me in to an engaging and plausible story.  I have to care about the actors and believe they ‘fit’ together.  For example, while I enjoyed the movie “Bridges of Madison County”, I couldn’t believe Meryl Streep was Italian and I didn’t think that she and Clint Eastwood had chemistry — of course, I still cried like a baby at the end. It just wasn’t as good as it could have been. 

The best part of seeing a good movie is the “twist” — the thing that makes the movie stand out from others.  When I think of twists, the first that comes to mind is “The Sixth Sense.” The ending totally caught me off guard.


            The Monthly Question for September ’10 is, “When I was a child, I wanted to grow up to be…”

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