up and away – mth aug 2010

A few people are more adept with drawings than with words. Carol (Feb. ‘10) is one. When I visited her at her Michigan home, she gave me a tour, showing me the various projects she’d worked on since I was last there. 

A fascinating and colorful postcard and stamp exchange with people all over the world topped her list. She led me from room to room. In one I saw photos of her recent “croning” and saw the special crown of flowers she’d worn for being honored by her wisdom circle.  In her computer room, she showed several photo stories she was developing. One was of a stump standing in her neighbor’s yard. Over the past year, she had “shot” it in all seasons.

In her sleeping room she paused by a stack of books and papers beside her bed. “And here is the bubble picture you asked for,” she said adding, “I just didn’t write anything.”

Authors of Kokology, Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito, interpret images and say this about seeing many rising bubbles “…You see your own dreams as elusive and unattainable…whatever the (reason) may be, the gap between your dreams and reality is wide…”

Knowing Carol, I disagree. When I consider her detailed landscape that varies from distant mountains to nearby tall grasses, I’d guess they represent Carol’s widely varied interests. Perhaps she will never finish the many projects she enjoys. But enjoyment is a process, not a product.

                                                                                                        Editor, Frances

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