I am reading a new author — Charles Glass. It is called, Tribes with Flags. Glass met an old Egyptian Diplomat who told him, “Egypt is the only nation-state in the Middle East. The rest are tribes with flags.”

To say the author is a travel writer, sure doesn’t cover the water front. The tale tells his dangerous passage through the chaos of the Middle East, in the late1980s.

The book is long and has lots of detail, but is very interesting. I’m looking forward to the ending. The volume includes a map of the area covering Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus, and The Mediterranean Sea. Glass was interested in the Ottoman Empire because his mother was from that area.

Anyhow, the tale is different and certainly worth a read.

M Joan (Aug.’10) adds, “I thought the book extremely well written. Recently I saw it can still be purchased at — used. My own used copy arrived in really nice shape.”

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