A Letter from Patricia – October 2010

Hi Fritzie,

Received and read the September ‘10 Ninepatch.  Sorry to hear about your wreck.  That was strange.  Did it do much damage to your car?

You said you had not been in touch lately. Fritzie, don’t feel bad. There are times when I have the best intentions but they just seem to get sidetracked.  Sometimes I think my mind is in overload.

At times I would like to just get away — take a trip to a beach where no one (except my husband and the cats who would be with me) could find me.

On the sand I could just relax and do what I wanted.  Chances are I would sit on the beach most of the time and read.  Let the cats run around.  (One big liter box.)

Well missy, I hope you are healed and back to normal since your accident.


Patricia (Aug. ’10) adds, “In fact, my husband and I are considering going to Pensacola, Florida over Thanksgiving– we have family nearby. It would fulfill my daydream!”

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