A Letter from Dottie – October 2010


It was sad reading “Unfinished Business” in the August ‘10 Ninepatch.  How very poignant that Caroline passed when she was so young.  She certainly had an attitude to be admired.  I’m sure she felt your love with your hugs and kind words.

I feel for your thoughts about your Grandma Elizabeth.  Hard to be denied the option of the closure of attending her funeral. On the other hand, your parents must have had a lot of tr
ust in you to have arranged for you to help your other Grandma Bernice fly to California at such a young age. Your article touched my heart.

Blessings to you, Frances.

Dottie (Sept. ’10) adds, “I hope you can get some rest.  Going through such an ordeal as an auto accident has to be draining.”

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