A Letter from Gail – October 2010


The subject of first loves is intriguing. I also think that our first love marks our passage from childhood to adulthood, when our bodies have changed sufficiently for girls to realize, ‘Gosh, I’m able to have babies, and become a mother.’

A young man remembers clearly his emotional and physical reaction to a young woman he loves first and is moved by also. We never forget. It is no wonder that we dig back into our youth when experiences were vivid, pure and deeply alive, our brains fresh for the world, with hormones raging. In youth we are ready to set the world on fire.

When we revisit the romances of our youth from a mature point of view, we often smile wistfully and say, “I really couldn’t have lived with him/her — not long term.”

God bless,

Gail (Sept.’10) adds, “So much for my input on the subject — for now.”

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