A Letter from Lynan – October 2010

Hi Frances,

I have been thinking about you so I thought I had better get in touch. Do you have another car to get around in? It’s a good thing that you have family and friends there to help you.
It seems like all of my friends are having problems of one kind or another. I have been praying on my rosary beads for everyone, including you.

Believe it or not, after the bubbling dishwasher experience, my daughter called and wants me to come back to Wisconsin to visit for another week. I thought I was done traveling until next year! Guess I was wrong.

On Labor Day weekend, a friend and I are going away to a three day silent retreat. I have never been to any kind of retreat so this will be a new experience.

My prayers are with you.

Lynan (Aug.’10) adds, “I don’t think that I will have any trouble with the ‘silent’ retreat.  I am fairly quiet anyway.”

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